Strange Worlds Publishing Announces a New Website to Help Fiction Writers and Authors

Hank Quense, author of self-help books for fiction writers and authors, announces his new website is now stocked with content and open for downloads. The focus of the website is to provide solutions to the major pain points encountered by fiction writers and self-publishing authors.

Westwood, NJ, April 21, 2022 --( The website at contains video and email classes, ebooks and other material that will help fiction writers and authors overcome the most prevalent pain points. 60 to 70% of the solutions are free and can be downloaded without charge.

For fiction writers, the pain points addressed on the site at are:
- Character development
- Building a plot
- Holding readers’ interest
- What to do first when creating a new story
- Control and consistency with the first draft

With self-publishing and book marketing the pain points are:
- Formatting
- Marketing
- Mis-information
- Getting professional help
- Social media (in general)
- Finding a target audience
- Free advertising
- Keywords
- Promotional avenues
- Social media marketing
Hank Quense