Sanare Psychosocial Rehabilitation Offers Unique Care for Individuals with Chronic & Persistent Mental Illness

Denver, CO, April 22, 2022 --( Sanare Psychosocial Rehabilitation, an innovative mental health program, has opened in Denver, providing a unique model of care and treatment for individuals with varying levels of functionality especially individuals suffering with chronic and persistent mental illness. Founder Briana Severine, MS, LPC, LAC, CPRP, has been an integral part of the mental health community over the last twenty years, channeling her many years of career expertise into creating Sanare. What she describes as a combination of counseling, coaching, and case management, Briana and her team have narrowed down the mental health needs in Colorado, focusing on working with adults whose mental health issues impact their ability to follow through on tasks and responsibilities, as well as others who have serious chronic and persistent mental illness, like Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder, that significantly impacts their ability to live a healthy and purposeful life.

Psychosocial Rehabilitation is designed to influence all areas of an individual's life such as mental, physical, emotional, social, and lifestyle barriers that may be holding them back. And while the field of Psychosocial Rehabilitation isn’t new, it has been around since the 1970’s, the concept is still relatively foreign Colorado. As the demand for mental health resources is at an all-time high, Briana saw the overwhelming need for ethical, personalized, and evidence-based care in the community. She began her career in Southern California training at the Life Adjustment Team. It was there that she was exposed to other professionals in the industry, learned about the intricacies of the field, and gained a greater understanding of chronic and persistent mental illness; actually, witnessing people heal and meet their goals.

“My work and training in PSR allowed me to see the value of community-based work for those who have mental health disorders that significantly impact their ability to live well. I am passionate about the fact that everyone deserves individualized support to achieve the goals that they have for their life, Severine shares of her motivation to create Sanare PSR.”

Briana is truly passionate about working with clients who have big symptoms or challenges, and really struggle in multiple domains. Unlike traditional therapy, Sanare PSR’s program offers individualized, intensive, hands-on services (in-home and in the community) that aren’t readily available. And what makes Sanare even more accessible is Briana and her team’s ability to work with psychiatrists, physicians, and other mental health clinicians to provide the most comprehensive care for their patients.

“The individualized and intensive clinical PSR services that we offer don't exist in these communities. Our care fills a gap in services for those impacted by mental illness and their families.”

Sanare Psychosocial Rehabilitation is located at 1720 South Bellaire Street, Suite 909 in Denver. This is a women owned, operated, and staffed business. Sanare Psychosocial Rehabilitation offers services to individuals in the Denver and Boulder communities. For more information, please visit

Briana Severine, MS, LPC, LAC, CPRP, is the founder of Sanare Psychosocial Rehabilitation in Colorado, a private psychosocial rehabilitation program. Sanare Psychosocial Rehabilitation can be described as a combination of counseling, coaching, and case management, focusing on working with adults whose mental health issues impact their ability to follow through on tasks and responsibilities, as well as other individuals who have chronic and persistent mental illness that significantly impacts their ability to live a healthy, connected, purposeful life. Using a unique model of intensive in-home and community based therapeutic services, Briana’s over twenty years of career expertise has allowed her to create a program that is intentional, empowering, and truly innovative in the way mental health concerns are addressed and the way that clients receive care. Her expertise in the mental health space and her compassion for helping others on various functioning levels has differentiated her from other professionals in the field and have made her a sought-after practitioner.

She holds a Bachelor of Liberal Arts in Psychology from the California State University Long Beach and her Master of Science in Developmental Psychopathology from the University of Reading, England. Briana has a post-graduate certificate in Psychosocial Rehabilitation from Boston University as well as some advanced training in modalities such as CBT and Brain spotting. Briana is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Licensed Addiction Counselor in the state of Colorado and is a Certified Psychosocial Rehabilitation Practitioner through the US Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association.
Sanare Psychosocial Rehabilitation
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