Althub Releases the First Platform for Companies to Rapidly Productize and Monetize Their Data

Althub Releases the First Platform for Companies to Rapidly Productize and Monetize Their Data
Brooklyn, NY, April 27, 2022 --( Althub Invisage platform is the first software product to automate the end-to-end process from discovery to sales. Buyers want to see polished alternative data with clear formats, whitepapers, delivery and compliance process. With this new platform, Companies with data assets can accelerate and automate this process.

The one-stop platform empowers companies to quickly build, refine and verify insights. The Invisage platform, a European Fintech Top 3 award-winning AI Sales enablement and modeling tool, is designed to accelerate a Data Providers' monetization journey. That includes expanding the addressable market and creating a better sales process.

“Althub has helped us refine our product and demonstrate its value in the financial market; from using the platform to demo on calls, to whitepapers, through to lead generation. If you are planning or already selling alternative data, I would highly recommend their platform,” according to Dan Beltramo, Chief Innovation Officer for Onclusive, one of the largest media performance companies in the world. Onclusive offers the Total Mediaview data product in the alternative data space.

This new version of Invisage adds more self-serve features like signal generation and data delivery. With a built-in demo feature, a Data Provider sales resource can quickly demonstrate the quality of their data and the insights investors can generate. This shortens the sales cycle and generates a better experience for both parties - Data Providers and Investment Managers / Buyers.

“Althub's single goal is to help companies present their data in the most optimal way so Buyers can quickly determine the fit, test and make informed purchase decisions. Working with only Data Providers, Althub complements all the marketplaces, downstream analytic or distribution hubs in the market. With this platform, Althub helps accelerate the data monetization journey,” said Scott Hall, Althub CEO.

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About Althub:
Althub is a global data science firm focused on helping companies across all industries refine and deliver insights from their data to investors and corporate users. Althub provides to the market the “Invisage platform” which is the first full data optimization, verification and delivery solution for Data Providers in the Alternative Data Market. Leveraging a global team and award-winning platform, Althub accelerates insight extraction for companies looking to monetize their data assets.
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