Debut Author and Financial Advisor Shows Business Owners the Bottom Line of Happiness at the Digsouth Tech Summit

Financial Advisor and Speaker Matthew Pardieck is launching his new book, “The Bottom Line of Happiness,” at the upcoming DigSouth Tech Summit in Charleston. There, he’ll share key insights with business owners who want to be financially successful and do good. Through specific financial and business strategies, Pardieck offers a framework for business owners to achieve their altruistic goals while building, growing, and ultimately retiring from a successful business.

Debut Author and Financial Advisor Shows Business Owners the Bottom Line of Happiness at the Digsouth Tech Summit
Charleston, SC, May 10, 2022 --( Financial Advisor, Speaker, and Author Matthew Pardieck is launching his new book, “The Bottom Line of Happiness: Financial Strategies and Exit Planning for the Big-Hearted Business Owner™,” at the upcoming DigSouth Tech Summit in Charleston, South Carolina, on May 11-13.

During the event, Pardieck will take the stage to explain the unique financial and planning needs of a group of entrepreneurs he calls “Big-Hearted Business Owners™” or BHBOs, for short. These successful entrepreneurs care deeply for their communities, their staff, their families, and their businesses. Pardieck wrote his book, “The Bottom Line of Happiness,” with this group in mind and has tailored his DigSouth talk around the book’s central themes.

As a long-time financial advisor, Pardieck has seen the costly fallout when business owners don’t fully understand the specific tools and planning necessary to achieve their financial, business, and philanthropic goals. Small oversights can cost BHBOs years of progress and hundreds of thousands of dollars. As a successful business owner and BHBO in his own right, Pardieck has devoted his financial advisory practice to helping BHBOs become more informed and make better decisions through education and proactive planning. It’s also why he wrote, “The Bottom Line of Happiness.”

From tax and investment strategies to developing an effective exit plan, Pardieck dives deep into the areas that many busy BHBOs ignore—much to their detriment. With solid information, the right team, and a custom plan, Pardieck shows BHBOs how to optimize their assets and be successful, wealthy, and charitable. Part inspiration, part business training, Pardieck’s presentation and book encourage BHBOs to embrace their good nature while protecting their best interests—strengthening the bottom line of happiness.

Available in paperback and eBook editions through Amazon and all major book retailers, “The Bottom Line of Happiness” will be released on May 16, 2022. The book is distributed by Bublish, Inc.

About the Author

Matthew Pardieck is a passionate advocate for Big Hearted Business Owners (BHBOs). An aeronautical engineer and pilot by training, he is a successful BHBO himself. Over the last 25 years, he has helped many business owners achieve their goals through his wealth management practice.

Pardieck is involved with multiple non-profits throughout his South Carolina community, including the Charleston Jazz Academy, which he helped found, and Metanoia, a faith-based organization committed to improving economics and housing in developing South Carolina neighborhoods.

To learn more about Matthew Pardieck and his book, “The Bottom Line of Happiness,” visit his personal website, For information about his wealth management services, visit Find out more about Bublish, Inc. and its services at
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