Darryl Worley Tells How Addiction Has Affected His Family and Why He’s Partnering with 8 Oaks

Darryl Worley Tells How Addiction Has Affected His Family and Why He’s Partnering with 8 Oaks
Lawrenceburg, TN, May 13, 2022 --(PR.com)-- Darryl Worley partnering with 8 Oaks hopes to bring awareness and help those struggling with substance abuse. In an interview with Darryl Worley, he tells us why addiction is an important topic for him and why he believes in the mission of 8 Oaks.

Darryl Worley has been a constant in the country music world for years now. Even though he is known for his music, you probably didn't know that one of his biggest passions in life is helping his community. When 8 Oaks recovery came to his attention, he knew he wanted to get involved because of his belief in the Christ-centered approach to addiction recovery, which is the cornerstone of 8 Oaks' program.

After getting to know pastor David Morgan and understanding his testimony surrounding 8 Oaks, Worley knew he was even more determined to support.

"David Morgan is obviously incredible," said Worley. "A leader, a great pastor, and incredible congregation. These people have supported this ministry for so many years with their offerings, trusted his vision let these people worship beside them."

Worley was blown away by the generosity of the community donations that allowed the facility to take shape. 8 Oaks is located in a rural area where the men struggling with addiction can stay long-term to find healing.

Alcohol and addiction have always been present in Worley's life. His family was strongly affected by the things they brought home from war.

"You know we had so many veterans in our family that came home from World War II and Korea with things that they struggled with, and so we saw that early on," said Worley.

Both, Worley and his younger brother Barry saw first-hand how addiction can affect a family. Barry decided early on in life to go into ministry, but addiction eventually took its toll. It got to the point where Darryl and his family had run out of options.

"Often, the devil works hardest against God's mightiest warriors," said Worley. "Tough love was the only thing that was going to work at this point because we tried everything else. He was in and out of all different kinds of rehab facilities."

When 8 Oaks came along, it was a godsend. Barry has a background in both chemistry and psychology and therefore loved the program 8 Oaks had to offer. As soon as he came into the program, he felt at peace. Barry was 8 Oak's first graduate just a few weeks ago and will continue staying long-term.

Worley is highly empathetic to the addictive personality. He understands how anyone can fall into temptations because of a "void in their life," whether a loss, chemical imbalance, or lack of a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Worley hopes to act as a mentor and advocate in the future in whatever capacity 8 Oaks allows him and is excited to see more and more men find freedom from their addictions.

"For me, knowing that I'm a Sinner, but I'm forgiven because of the Cross is the ultimate freedom that I think that everybody is looking for and maybe a lot of people... would love to achieve," said Worley.

For more information on 8 Oaks, or if you need help or have questions about addiction and recovery, call 931-903-2500 or visit the website at the8oaks.com.
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