Prequel to the Critically Acclaimed Graphic Novel Series "Sons of Fate," Now on Indiegogo

The critically acclaimed graphic novel series, "Sons of Fate," has been followed up by a one-shot prequel story titled, "My Deady Beloved." Created, written, and drawn by independent comics creator Jean-Paul Deshong and published through Blackberryjuice publishing, "My Deadly Beloved" is a tale of tale of honor, deception, and revenge wrapped in a love story during the warring states in feudal Japan. Now, live on Indiegogo with exclusive content.

Prequel to the Critically Acclaimed Graphic Novel Series "Sons of Fate," Now on Indiegogo
New York, NY, May 24, 2022 --( Coming off the critically acclaimed "Sons of Fate," Blackberryjuice Publishing brings you the latest installment, "My Deadly Beloved," a prequel to the Sons of Fate trilogy.

"Sons of Fate" is a three-part, four-book series that tells the tale of a child from Africa, through circumstance, is trained in the ways of Bushido and through sheer will, finds himself in his mentor's native land of Japan. There, he becomes the initiator and catalyst of events that forge not only the Tokugawa Dynasty but the history of Feudal Japan itself. Although a piece of historical fiction, "Sons of Fate" serves as the real reason why Japan closed its doors to the Western world until the arrival of Matthew Perry some 200 years later. The founder of Blackberryjuice Publishing as well the creator, artist, and writer of this one-shot, Deshong insists, that "My Deadly Beloved" is continued labor of love for the comic world.

My Deadly Beloved at its heart is a love story... wrapped in a samurai adventure. At nearly 200 pages in length, and is an enthralling tale of honor, deception, and revenge.

The story focuses on the meeting of Lord Omo Jinjaku, and Lady Akemi at the end of the Warring States Era in Japan. Before they became the roots that hold up the Shogunate as well as the mentors to the child from a foreign land trained in the ways of Bushido, they were mortal enemies. Sworn to destroy one another, as well as the others' entire way of life to enact a different realization for Japan. Their initial chance occurrence, situation, and. Further circumstance not only strengthens their feelings towards each other, but further complicates their situations and positions in their respective societies, and amongst their peers all while facing a common foe.

"My Deadly Beloved" is available on Indiegogo as of May 23 for an initial 30-day run. This version will be an exclusive version from Blackberryjuice Publishing for Indiegogo with exclusive covers, including three alternates and other exclusive content.

Along with the exclusive covers, Deshong via Blackberryjuice Publishing has also created three versions of the book. While the story is the same, the execution of it is told in three distinctive styles, giving the reader three different ways to experience the story. The first is a Standard Version of the book in its’ original imagining. This version is grayscale tones with color in certain areas to enhance the storytelling to a higher level than just telling the story through artwork and dialogue but with color as well. The second, the Illustrative Version is told without dialogue where just the images tell the story in a true “pictures only that tell the story “ format.. The last version is the Black and White Edition. This version of the graphic novel has the words and pictures included, but without color giving the book a noir style.

Last but not least, Deshong has provided a preview through Blackberryjuice Publishing’s website ( There, the page contains an overview of the story, as well as a 14-page preview separate from the preview on Indiegogo.
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My Deadly Beloved trailer

My Deadly Beloved trailer

Here's the teaser trailer forMy Deadly. See the full trailer on Indiegogo. The trailer not only is a preview of the graphic novel, but also the plot of the story as you witness the narrative between the two opposing ideologies for the rule of feudal Japan.