To Return or Not to Return? A Wire and Cable Company from Great Neck Goes Remote.

To Return or Not to Return? A Wire and Cable Company from Great Neck Goes Remote.
Great Neck, NY, June 04, 2022 --( After two years of the pandemic, offices worldwide and in the United States are beginning to reopen. In his first The State of the Union Address, President Joe Biden encouraged the professionals to get back to work and "fill our great downtowns again." However, not every company is willing to get the workers back to the office.

One of such companies is Nassau National Cable, a large supplier of wire and cable from Great Neck, New York. Nassau National Cable's management decided against coming back to the office after the COVID-19 pandemic was resolved. This decision was based on many factors, from performance analysis to the team's feedback.

The company is not a stranger to remote work: aside from 28 regular employees in the United States, Nassau National Cable works with a team of 50+ staffs in India and 10+ contractors in Ukraine, relocated to Poland because of the recent Russian invasion. These international staffs are involved in every company department, including IT, marketing, logistics, and sales.

Thanks to the international team, the company's sales department can work 24/7 without subjecting the employees to exhaustingly long night shifts. A successful experience of coordinating with oversea workers for years has pushed the company to go full remote.

While IT and marketing teams in most companies embrace remote work with ease, the decision for the sales team not to return to the office is still considered rather unorthodox. There is a dominant view that sales teams benefit from being in the office because successful sales require the team to constantly communicate on a minute-to-minute basis and come out with joint solutions. This has not been the issue for the international sales team at Nassau National Cable. "We have built wonderful communication within our team without needing to stay in a single room," says a senior sales manager at Nassau National Cable.

"We have built our team like this even before the pandemic because many of us are located overseas, but now we can take this experience and apply it to all our workers, including those who worked in the US office. Within our sales team, we have daily online meetings and are always available to each other in a group chat within our working hours. We analyze each other's calls and adopt the strategies from each other that work best while each keeping an individual approach. One thing that helps us immensely is that we strive to build a pool of regular customers instead of simply focusing on the number of sales. Much of our work has to do with maintaining long-term relationships with returning customers." Nassau National Cable reps have all the information they need for sales readily available for them, and each representative is encouraged to follow individual workflow and develop an individual style within the company's strategy. The sales process is very straightforward; the company removes all the unnecessary bumps in the road for the teams. Companies struggling to go remote should take an example from international teams with overseas professionals. Direct communication and clear goals are the key.
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