Java Becomes the Most Searched Language on Google in 80 Out of 162 Countries

Java Becomes the Most Searched Language on Google in 80 Out of 162 Countries
Orlando, FL, June 02, 2022 --( Recent research conducted by Simform found that Google searches for Java are at the highest in 80 out of 162 countries, with a market share of over 50% in these countries. It also appears in 1 in every 5 searches and consists of 22.42% of the total searches.

Their research process included analyzing Google search results from 162 countries and narrowing down the top results. The next step involved comparing the popularity of every language observed in each country.

Their key observations include:
- Java, Python, and Javascript acquire 65% of the total searches in the "most-googled technology" category. In contrast, with only 3650 average global monthly searches, Bash language is the least searched language on Google.

- At 58%, the USA records the highest number of Python searches in North America.

- With 35% of the total searches, India maintains the highest number of searches for Python in Asia.

- Nigeria contributes over 15% of the total search volume for Java in the African continent.

- Brazil registers the most number of searches for Java among South American countries.

- The total search volume for Python and Java is similar in 11 out of 44 European countries.

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