Official Launch of "Dream Interpretation Station" Podcast

New podcast show aims to inspire and educate listeners about the importance and benefits of paying attention to their dreams.

Official Launch of "Dream Interpretation Station" Podcast
Tucson, AZ, August 08, 2022 --( Sleep and Dream Specialist, Leah Ann Bolen, today announced the official launch of the "Dream Interpretation Station" podcast. The newly created show dives into all topics pertaining to dreamwork practices, with a mission to inspire and educate listeners about the importance and benefits of paying attention to dreams.

“There’s an incredible wealth of personal insight and knowledge that one can gain through paying attention to their dreams,” says Bolen. “I’m excited to be sharing techniques to help others become more aware and curious about the activity happening while dreaming.”

The initial five episodes introduce a collection of techniques that Bolen refers to as an “introductory dreamwork master course.”

· In episode 1, Bolen shares the catalyst for what drew her attention toward dreaming, and how she went from corporate executive to dreamworker.

· Episode 2 provides tips for improving dream recall. Bolen explains that the National Sleep Foundation estimates people dream four to six times per night on average, and that you can improve your ability to remember dreams.

· In Episode 3, Bolen introduces listeners to what she calls “the #1 clue why you had your dream.” This show helps listeners learn to feel into the emotions of their dreams, which is shown through dream research to have a continuity to emotions being experienced in waking life.

· Episode 4 offers a technique that Bolen created to help dreamers grasp the overall storyline or theme in their dream, with guidance on how to find the connection to their waking life.

· Dream symbology is the topic of episode 5, with Bolen introducing methods for exploring the creative ideas that are showing up within dream symbols.

“In my three decades of working with dreams, I’ve experienced and witnessed countless examples of the power of dreams to actively support productivity, personal growth, and goal achievement,” Bolen shared. “Most people have no understanding of the purpose and benefits of dreaming,” says Bolen, “so I wanted the first episodes to be a comprehensive introduction to working with dreams.”

Dream Interpretation Station is available on all streaming platforms where listeners get their podcasts.

About Leah Ann Bolen:

Leah Ann Bolen is a certified sleep science coach with advanced training in dream analysis. She is the resident Sleep and Dream Specialist for Miraval Resort & Spa in Arizona, and creator of the ‘Dream Interpretation Station, podcast. Leah’s work has been featured in, Woman’s World Magazine, WellSpa 360, and The Suitest Magazine.
Leah Ann Bolen, CDP, CSSC
Leah Ann Bolen


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