Blood Drive Held at COM2 Recycling in Carol Stream, IL

Blood Drive to help the Sickle Disease Patients held at COM2 Recycling in Carol Stream, IL.

Blood Drive Held at COM2 Recycling in Carol Stream, IL
Carol Stream, IL, October 04, 2022 --( In a collective effort to help the Sickle Disease Patients, COM2 Recycling collaborated with Versiti Blood Centers to launch a successful One-day Blood Drive held on September 20 2022 at its facility in Carol Stream, Illinois. The successful event continued while the Versiti phlebotomists assisted the blood donors.

It is estimated that Sickle Cell Disease affects approximately 90,000 to 100,000 people within the United States alone. –

With a colorful theme of “Give the Best Gift Ever – Donate Blood” for the event, a flowing number of volunteers from the COM2 Recycling workforce, generously donated blood. The environment was elevated as the employees found the Versiti team to be very friendly during the overall blood donating process. Thus, making it a memorable experience for the blood donors and the ones that did not donate. The donating began around noon and continued till late in the evening. While the donors were offered refreshments from COM2 Recycling and Versiti Blood Centers which added a taste to the evening event. More importantly, this blood drive will be supportive to over 60 patients including women, children and senior citizens and others in their respective treatments. COM2 Recycling continues to maintain its custom of giving back to the community and while being a leader in responsible electronic recycler to give back to the environment. COM2 Recycling commends the great cause and the efforts of Versiti Blood Centers on their work performed not only on the 20th with COM2 but on their regular efforts.

In the U.S. alone, approximately 29,000 units of red blood cells are daily required in the hospitals and emergency treatment facilities for patients fighting cancer, with anemia and other blood diseases; for organ transplant recipients; and to help save the lives of accident / trauma victims.

Mr. John Wielgosz at Versiti praised all the initiatives made by COM2 Recycling and was appreciative to the donors and all for holding such a giving blood drive event.
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Blood Drive @ COM2 Recycling, IL

Blood Drive @ COM2 Recycling, IL

A Volunteer donating blood with all smiles while Versiti Team is helping the blood collection process in the COM2 facility.

Blood Drive @ COM2 Recycling, IL

Blood Drive @ COM2 Recycling, IL

Volunteers waiting to donate blood with while the Versiti Team is busy helping them in the COM2 facility located at Carol Stream, IL.