Corporate Finance Exec Turned Life Coach Outlines the Laws for Greater Happiness and Self-Transformation

Tonya Kinlow used her own personal and professional crises to uncover a collection of universal truths which when applied to life allow for greater happiness and spiritual purpose. “The Universal Laws of Awakening: A Spiritual Classic,” is the result, a practical self-help spiritual guide that encourages readers to journey beyond what they think and feel to uncover a far deeper meaning and greater understanding. It all begins in the mind.

Corporate Finance Exec Turned Life Coach Outlines the Laws for Greater Happiness and Self-Transformation
Louisville, KY, October 19, 2022 --( Imagine if there was a roadmap to the intrinsic ways of the universe, a user’s manual that provides a clear pathway to achieving what matters most in this life?

“The Universal Laws of Awakening” promises to be that map, which teaches the wisdom of how the world operates beyond what the eye can see. Spiritual life coach Tonya Kinlow, known to her community as simply TK, uses the lessons she learned through surviving numerous life challenges to compile a collection of immutable spiritual laws that govern and order everything in existence.

Designed for those seeking an awakening of their souls, TK presents a clear path that promises greater energy flow and less friction when these laws are applied to life. Anyone seeking a life of well-being beyond their current circumstance, one of brilliant vitality rather than mere existence, will find an attainable understanding—especially those readers who bring an open mind and ears to hear.

Available in paperback, hardcover and eBook editions at Amazon and other major online retailers, “The Universal Laws of Awakening” will be released on October 20, 2022, and is distributed by Bublish, Inc.

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About the Author:
Tonya Kinlow was a corporate finance executive with 26 years under her belt when her world started crashing down around her. A series of personal and professional crises led her to reevaluate her life and her pursuit of happiness and wellness. She experienced a life-altering awakening that led her to become a health, life, and spiritual teacher.

An accomplished author, TK, as she is known to her followers, has written three previous books on the guiding principles of Remarkable Wellness and founded a wellness brand, TK Inspirations. A native of Washington, D.C. and graduate of Florida A&M University, TK’s mission is to bring mind, body, and spiritual alignment to those in need. When not coaching and creating, TK’s greatest joy is spending time with her children Evan and Taylor and husband Chef Craig Stevens.

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