Thaddeus Medical Customizable Cold-Chain iQ-Ler Now Available for Pre-Order

Cold Chain system is designed for storage, transportation and dispensary of temperature-sensitive medical therapeutics to eliminate all spoilage in cold-chain logistics and improve patient outcomes

Thaddeus Medical Customizable Cold-Chain iQ-Ler Now Available for Pre-Order
Rochester, MN, November 03, 2022 --( Thaddeus Medical Systems announced today Pre-Orders for its customizable IQ-ler, an all-in-one reusable and secure chain-of-custody cold-chain packaging system for medical products.

The iQ-ler Cold Chain system is a highly durable and versatile cold-chain system designed to protect temperature-sensitive medical therapeutics, eliminate all spoilage in cold-chain logistics, and improve patient outcomes.

"This ameliorates all the risks and issues in shipping specialty medications (especially as it relates to 'white and brown bagging' practices) from Pharmacy Benefit Managers," said Dr. Steve Scully, Thaddeus Medical President & CEO. “Patients and Hospitals can now be confident with the iQ-Ler system that temperature excursions have not occurred, have its whereabouts known at all times, and if it has been tampered with by anyone."

The Cold chain monitoring market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 16.6% from USD 4.7 billion in 2021 to USD 10.2 billion in 2026. Increasing demand for Cold chain monitoring products in the pharmaceuticals & healthcare industry will drive the market according to Research and Markets Global Cold Chain Monitoring Market - Forecast to 2026.

Pre-orders for iQ-ler can be made through the Thaddeus Medical team in Rochester, MN. For more information about Thaddeus or on placing an order, go to their website:

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Thaddeus Medical Systems, Inc. (TMSI) is leading the disruption of the cold chain delivery process to meet today's growing demand of temperature-sensitive medical therapeutics. Vaccines, Biological, Cell & Gene Therapies, and Home Infusion products require security and safety from formulation to administration, especially during the last mile in remote and rural areas.
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