Prosel Bioscience Becomes One Cell Foods and Names Dr. Scott Jenkins Its New CEO

One Cell Food, Inc will focus on scaling its proprietary bioreactor design to commercialize developed strains for its first food product by early 2023. As the new CEO, Dr. Scott Jenkins will lead the operation and fundraising efforts.

Prosel Bioscience Becomes One Cell Foods and Names Dr. Scott Jenkins Its New CEO
Santa Fe, NM, November 17, 2022 --( Today, the board of Prosel Biosciences, Inc. announces it will become One Cell Foods, inc. In addition, the board has selected Scott Jenkins, Ph.D., to become its CEO. Following the past year of development, the company's direction will focus on producing ultra-high-quality plant-based protein and initial production will be launched in early 2023.

One Cell Foods, Inc will focus on applying its proprietary technology to meet global
demand for sustainable sourced, non-GMO, plant-based protein. As customers demand more sustainable plant-based protein sources, One Cell Foods will scale to support this market. The plant-based protein market is estimated to exceed $162 B, by applying breakthrough technologies, One Cell Foods is entering the right market at the right time.

The new CEO, Dr. Scott Jenkins brings decades of entrepreneurial and managerial
experience in Life Sciences, Biotechnology, and Food Science. As a research and
development executive at Sandoz and Nutrasweet, he was integral to product
development from concept to scaled metric ton production. Also, having held executive and board positions in public and private companies, Dr. Jenkins is well suited to bring the One Cell Foods technology to scale. Dr. Jenkins holds a Ph.D. in Synthetic Organic Chemistry from the University of Minnesota.

"Solving global problems with biotechnology has always been incredibly important to
me," said Dr. Jenkins. "Our solution will fundamentally change how plant-based protein is produced worldwide."

● Consumer demand for plant-based protein is mainstream
● Demand for plant-based protein to exceed $162B by 2030
● Fermentation technology can scale beyond current techniques
● One Cell Foods has 20 years of strain optimization
● Proprietary Bioreactor design and IP
● Fundraising to $1,500,000 to scale initial food production

"Since launching the business venture in 2021, we are excited to apply our expertise in high-density algae cultivation and strain development to support our bio-manufacturing at scale of plant-based protein," said Co-Founder Zach Hall. "We are excited to have Dr. Jenkins join the team and lead our fundraising efforts."

About One Cell Foods, inc.
One Cell Foods, Inc (OCF) is a bio-manufacturer of high-quality, non-GMO plant based protein. OCF has been a member of the Santa Fe Business Incubator for the past year. OCF also is currently in partnership with Los Alamos National Labs (LANL) to jointly develop metabolic pathways, and the New Mexico-Clean Energy Resilience & Growth (NM-CERG), part of the Arrowhead Innovation Center at New Mexico State University (NMSU).

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