Wassiyyah Announces an Exclusive, Premium Membership with Everyday Life Estate Planning Products

Wassiyyah's estate plans are certified and approved by estate planning experts and professionals, which has been an essential feature in the community. Wassiyyah introduces the products keeping the long-term goal in mind. Wassiyyah's lifetime premium memberships include the beyond estate planning needs.

Wassiyyah Announces an Exclusive, Premium Membership with Everyday Life Estate Planning Products
Alberta, Canada, November 19, 2022 --(PR.com)-- Wassiyyah, a simple, modern, efficient, and affordable estate planning service provider, today announces its range of estate planning solutions to meet universal needs. This is a part of its effort to encourage more people for creating estate plans.

Wassiyyah estate plans ensure wealth, values, beliefs, faith, and debt obligations are well-taken care of. Wassiyyah offers estate plans that come with solid in-built protections in any unfortunate situations such as incapacity or death.

While estate planning cost is very high, and simultaneously with limited estate planning experts available, this builds a perfect barrier to creating an estate plan for the majority. Wassiyyah is the platform to fill this gap by providing cost-effective estate planning solutions and making it super easy for people to create their estate plans. Additionally, it does not require special skills for creating estate plans on Wassiyyah.

Wassiyyah offers a country and jurisdiction (i.e., state, province, or territory) specific estate plans such as Wills, Trusts, Pour-over Wills, Living Will, Power of Attorney, Letter of Wishes, Deed of Gift or Hiba, Inheritance certificate, Executor Handy kit and more.

Wassiyyah’s lifetime Premium membership comes with many benefits, including allowing members to create unlimited estate plans, academy access for learning, premium blogs, articles, videos, and much more to accomplish your estate planning goal.

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Siraj Ahmad
Muslim estate planning Guide Roadmap

Muslim estate planning Guide Roadmap

This estate planning roadmap would help you figure out what to do and where to start. You can either choose to learn or create your estate plan. This Roadmap is created with hyperlinked buttons to make your navigation easy. You can go back to this Roadmap when you feel lost.