The First Skin-Safe Eyebrow Color for Men by Volt Grooming

The First Skin-Safe Eyebrow Color for Men by Volt Grooming
Santa Ana, CA, December 01, 2022 --( Currently, in the men’s grooming marketplace, beard dye is a popular and well-known commodity. After all, plenty of men like to take control of their appearance and, let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to turn the clock back a few years? However, something that is less widely considered is the importance of eyebrow color for achieving the youthful look that many men strive to obtain. Here’s why.

When a man’s hair starts going gray, it’s the eyebrows that truly show age much more than the beard. Put simply, having gray eyebrows will make a man appear much older than having only a gray beard will. Traditionally, eyebrows are one of the last patches of hair to lighten with age, meaning that lighter-colored or gray eyebrows show a much larger increase in perceived age than dark or colored eyebrows do. So, what can be done about it?

When it comes to covering the grays that show up in a man’s beard, the options are limitless. Unfortunately, this is not the case for eyebrow colors. Beard dyes and beard colors have been around for decades, but there is an important distinction between the color used in a man's beard and the color that should be used on eyebrows.

Take common beard dyes, for example. Beard dyes often require mixing and applying harsh chemicals directly to the hair for the dye to take effect. Chemicals like PPD, ammonia, and hydrogen peroxide are common irritants in hair dyes, just to name a few. However, these dyes are rarely FDA approved for use on skin, especially near sensitive areas such as the eyes.

Volt Grooming thought this was a problem to be solved, so they did. Volt re-invented the beard and hair coloring experience by allowing men to “tint” their hair instead of permanently dyeing it. Essentially, Volt can use a formula with no harsh chemicals or skin irritants which results in a more natural-looking color than even beard dyes can provide, and with much more control too.

Volt color uses an instant applicator brush instead of a paste solution like dyes often use. This brush allows men to control the opacity of the color they apply, giving them more direct control and variation in their own appearance. Volt also negates the need for waiting and washing out dye-pastes. With Volt, what you see is what you get the moment you apply it.

Because the ingredients in Volt Instant Beard Color are organic and hypoallergenic, Volt is safe to use on beards and eyebrows without the potential for irritation. A feat that no beard dye yet today has been able to manage safely. All in all, with Volt, only a few quick swipes of the applicator brush can provide safe and natural eyebrow color for a younger, more energetic, look.
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