Gogo Mediation, Inc. Launches Virtual Mediation Services for the General Public

Dallas, TX, February 05, 2023 --(PR.com)-- Gogo Mediation, Inc., a rapidly growing online mediation service, has revolutionized the way disputes are resolved. Founded by Texas attorney Ryan McFarlin, Gogo Mediation aims to make professional problem-solving accessible to the general public.

Historically, mediation has only been used by lawyers or parties involved in active litigation, but Gogo Mediation is changing that with its innovative approach to mediation. “Our biggest hurdle is education,” says Ryan McFarlin, Founder and CEO of Gogo Mediation. “Not everyone knows about the benefits of mediation and how practical it can be for common and everyday disputes. Mediation can resolve disputes with neighbors over a busted fence, problems between coworkers, HR or employment issues, and even small business disputes over invoices. It really bridges the gap for those who can’t afford, or don’t want to go through the stress of, filing a lawsuit or hiring an attorney.”

Gogo Mediation is growing rapidly and has over 25 experienced mediators in 11 states and Washington, D.C. The company is committed to expanding and having qualified and diverse mediators in every state. Through its unique platform, clients and mediators communicate confidentially, share documents, and even conduct the mediations through the integrated video-conferencing tech. The platform can be accessed from anywhere – a browser or an app – making mediation accessible to those who are busy or have challenges taking off from work.

Mediation also helps salvage strained relationships. “It’s important to remember that mediation is confidential and not public like lawsuits. Most people don’t initially think about the issue of airing your dirty laundry for all of eternity when you file a lawsuit. Mediation actually provides a confidential and private setting for resolving disputes, allowing the parties to resolve their differences with dignity and respect,” says McFarlin.

Gogo Mediation’s rates start as low as $250.00, making it cost-effective compared to litigation, paying court filing fees, or dealing with ongoing and accruing damages. For comparison, the average small claims lawsuit costs about $140.00 just for filing and service, and the average attorney consultation fee is $250.00 for just one hour.

“We believe that everyone deserves access to affordable and effective problem-solving services,” McFarlin concluded. “That’s why we started Gogo Mediation – to make professional dispute resolution accessible to everyone.”

For more information, visit the Gogo Mediation website at www.gogomediation.com.
Gogo Mediation, Inc.
Ryan McFarlin, CEO