HM Wilkins Imperial – Brits Rethink Brexit

Report by HM Wilkins Imperial shows that many British citizens that voted in favor of Brexit are now regretting that decision three years on.

Tokyo, Japan, March 12, 2023 --( Coinciding with the three-year anniversary of Britain leaving the European Union, Asian based HM Wilkins Imperial have released a report revealing that many Brits are questioning their decision to vote in favor of Brexit.

The recent report comes as the International Monetary Fund predicted that Britain may be the only major industrialized country to contract in 2023. Analysts at HM Wilkins Imperial believe that the UK economy will even be outperformed by sanction-hit Russia this year.

According to HM Wilkins Imperial findings, those who voted in favor of Brexit are now experiencing significant “Bregret” as Britain’s economy suffers from labor shortages, higher interest rates and overcomplicated cross border trade rules which have had an undesirable impact on supply chains.

“People in the UK are feeling like they have been misled,” says Marcus Steele at HM Wilkins Imperial. “For many business owners, it is now more difficult to conduct their operations. For the average person, their personal finances are suffering, while those living in Europe seem to be faring better.”

The HM Wilkins report showed that the UK economy is almost 6 percent smaller than it would have been if Britain had remained a member of the European bloc. Investment has fallen by 11 percent since 2016 when the majority of Britain voted to leave the European Union. Trade in goods has also declined significantly, by 7 percent in 6 years.

“The numbers are hard to argue with,” says Mr. Steele. “Many people who voted in favor of Britain leaving are now changing their stance.”

Analysts at HM Wilkins Imperial say recent polls have shown that the number of voters who want to rejoin the bloc has risen to 58 percent in recent months.
HM Wilkins Imperial
Ryo Inoue