Let’s Radar! Blue/Yellow Ukraine USA Announces Radar Systems Continuing Crowdfunding Campaign for Ukraine

Blue/Yellow (USA (501(c)3) and Lithuania), along with 3 other NGOs have launched a campaign, ending 2/24, to purchase advanced multifunctional tactical radar systems able to detect small objects as well as missiles, for Ukraine: RADAROM!/Let’s Radar! Nearly $8M have been raised in under 10 days. That's 8-10 systems, which have a radius of 60 m. Many more are needed.

Let’s Radar! Blue/Yellow Ukraine USA Announces Radar Systems Continuing Crowdfunding Campaign for Ukraine
Chicago, IL, February 11, 2023 --(PR.com)-- Last year, Lithuanians raised ca. $6M within three days for a Bayraktar drone for the Ukrainian Armed Forces. This year Lithuanian National Radio and Television (LRT), along with the organizations Blue/Yellow (USA and Lithuania), Laisvės TV (Freedom Television), 1K Fondas (1K Fund), and Stiprūs Kartu (Strong Together), launched a campaign to purchase multifunctional tactical radar systems for Ukraine: “RADAROM!” (Let’s radar!). Lithuanian private donors and businesses raised nearly $8M during the first week of the campaign which began on 1/30 and culminates on 2/24, the date of the full-scale brutal Russian invasion of Ukraine, with a concert to support Ukraine.

Ukraine has been working with old Soviet-produced radars not designed to detect and/or track small and low-flying objects. Russian missiles and drones pose a lethal threat to Ukrainian defenders and civilians. Modern technology has provided for sophisticated systems with advanced detection, communication and networking ability, appropriate for this current type of warfare. These new radars are unique in that they can detect all types, sizes, and speeds of objects moving in the sky. They allow for alerts so that protective action can be taken in time, for energy grids, water provision systems, or to evacuate targeted populations before a missile hits. Given the expected spring offensive by Russia, they are a critical game changer in preventing more needless deaths of Ukrainian citizens, and the continued destruction of their country.

Radar prices range between $500K to $1.5M. Donations have reached nearly $8M since 1/30. In addition to individual donations, over 70 businesses have also actively participated in the campaign. These donations will allow for the purchase of 6-7 systems as of today, and hopefully 10 systems or more by February 24. The first system is expected in Ukraine this month.

US-based donations are critical to this effort; radar systems are proactive, allowing many thousands of lives to be saved and critical infrastructure protected. A free and democratic Ukraine is key to a stable world. US residents and citizens can donate at the Blue/Yellow USA (501(c)3) website: www.foblueyellowukraineusa.org. Others can donate at www.radarom.lt.

About Blue/Yellow
Blue/Yellow for Ukraine (Lithuania) and Blue/Yellow USA (Friends of Blue/Yellow for Ukraine USA NFP, Inc, 501(c)(3)) have provided over $40 million in direct aid to Ukrainians, from civilians to defense forces, working with various actors from the state to other NGOs, since their founding (LT in 2014 and USA in 2019). We testified as one of four witnessing organizations at the US Helsinki Commission’s Congressional hearing on Crowdsourcing Victory for Ukraine. We are included in the top ten organizations worldwide aiding Ukraine by Forbes.

Blue/Yellow for Ukraine LT is led by Director Jonas Öhman. The US organization is headed by MD Rima Ziuraitis. Öhman has received numerous awards for B/Y’s work in Ukraine from the EU Parliament, armed forces units, ministries and the Presidents of Ukraine and Lithuania. He is the only foreigner awarded the medal for "The Defense of Avdiivka." He is former Swedish military, a filmmaker, journalist, and humanitarian activist for democracy and freedom.

To learn more or donate, visit www.foblueyellowukraineusa.org, our Facebook and Instagram pages www.facebook.com/FOBlueYellowUkraineUSAorg, and follow us on Twitter @BlueYellowUKR.
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