Building a Meta-Asset Bridge with Crypto-Stock Interoperability - MetaTdex's Roadmap for Entering the Hong Kong Stock Market

Building a Meta-Asset Bridge with Crypto-Stock Interoperability - MetaTdex's Roadmap for Entering the Hong Kong Stock Market
Dubai, United Arab Emirates, February 24, 2023 --( Recently, MetaTdex released "MetaTdex's Roadmap for Entering the Hong Kong stock Market"; a plan to realize the Hong Kong stock market listing through the "Meta-Asset Bridge." The roadmap covers several elements such as meta-asset bridge, crypto-stock interoperability, platform valuation, Web 3.0 broker DAO, and estimated time of listing.

MetaTdex's Roadmap for Entering the Hong Kong Stock Market

Early August 2022: MetaTdex operation center moved from Turkey to Dubai.
Mid-August 2022: MetaTdex closed the A1 round of strategic financing led by China Bridge Capital, reaching a valuation of $30 million.
September 2022: MetaTdex CEO creatively put forward the idea of "meta-asset bridge," aiming to build a global and diversified investment channel.
October 2022: Following the strategy of "crypto-stock interoperability," MetaTdex proposed the concept of meta-asset bridge and finalized the interoperability strategy between Web 3.0 and stock market.
Early November 2022: MetaTdex established the goal of going public in Hong Kong, enabling the strategy of crypto-stock interoperability with its own stock.
November 15, 2022: MetaTdex entered the top 10 in global DEX rankings for the first time.
December 8, 2022: MetaTdex CEO attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony of Pando's blockchain-based ETF in Hong Kong, China.
December 20, 2022: MetaTdex's global launch conference for “Web 3.0 Brokerage DAO” (Dubai) was held, initiatively creating the DAO incentive model of "Token + stock."
December 21, 2022: MetaTdex's meta-asset bridge product was released.
December 23, 2022: With a $700,000 strategic investment from Block Global, MetaTdex reached a valuation of $70 million.
January 2, 2023: MetaTdex became the first DEX to obtain a DMCC trading license in Dubai, setting a benchmark for DEX compliance.
January 9, 2023: MetaTdex and DAO members arrived in Thailand, Malaysia and some other Southeast Asian markets for preaching.
February 9, 2023: the "Meta-Asset Bridge" product was renamed "TT-Stock" to accelerate the distribution of Hong Kong listing benefits.
February 15, 2023: Web 3.0 Broker DAO started a new round of reformation to realize the interoperability between NFT and industry participants.
May 2023: MetaTdex is expected to go public in Hong Kong.
Mid-2023: MetaTdex will launch a trading pair between stablecoin and MetaTdex stock.
End of 2023: More superior stocks will be listed and traded on MetaTdex.

MetaTdex will be listed in Hong Kong, China, through asset reorganization, realizing the exchange of tokens and self-owned stock, starting the ecological construction of the meta-asset bridge. In the process of MetaTdex listing, Web 3.0 Broker DAO members can get both token and stock incentives via the "TT-Stock" product.

Proposed by MetaTdex, the "meta-asset bridge" is a brand new concept for many people. The following content will give a brief introduction to the concept of "meta-asset bridge," thus helping the crypto community better understand the practical significance of Metatdex's entry into the Hong Kong stock market.

Meta-Asset Bridge — Liquidity Solution for Crypto Market
1 . Bridge
Bridge, also called token bridge, refers to the bridge between tokens. It is created to solve the on-chain swap problem of tokens from different public blockchains.
The cross-chain subjects of a bridge are assets on the surface but messages in essence. The bridge technology mainly relies on smart contracts, which realize the transfer-in equivalent casting and transfer-out synchronous destruction. From this perspective, the target of a bridge is to transmit "messages" between different public blockchains.
2 . Meta-Asset Bridge
The Meta-Asset Bridge of MetaTdex is an integration of different forms of assets (e.g. stocks and cryptocurrencies). Aggregating multi-dimensional asset investments on the same platform (DEX), MetaTdex's Meta-Asset Bridge provides users with a Real World Asset (RWA) allocation solution to the interoperability between tokens and traditional market assets. This allows Web 2.0 assets to circulate in the Web 3.0 world.
3 . Application Scenario of Meta-Asset Bridge: Crypto-Stock Interoperability
There are three steps to achieve crypto-stock interoperability. First, tokenize the stock; second, open trading pairs between stablecoins (such as USDT) and stocks; third, open more trading pairs so that the tokens and stocks can swap directly.

The values of crypto-stock interoperability are as following:

Function: Barrier-free exchange between stocks and crypto assets and between different stocks.
Asset: Web 3.0 users can reap stock benefits, and investors can reap crypto benefits.
Society: Provide a reliable and efficient method for users to carry out foreign asset investments.
Market: Provide motivation for liquidity in a single capital market (e.g. Hong Kong stock market).

The Hong Kong listing of MetaTdex will set a benchmark for RWA in the industry. With the consistent enrichment of crypto-stock matrix, MetaTdex will be committed to meeting users' needs for asset allocation across borders and financial forms, realizing the goal of "leading users to touch a bigger world."
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