Cardzware Launches Print on Demand Greeting Card Extension for WooCommerce

Cardzware Launches Print on Demand Greeting Card Extension for WooCommerce
Las Vegas, NV, March 24, 2023 --( ​​​​​​Cardzware, a leading provider of software for customized greeting cards, has recently released a new Print on Demand Greeting Card Extension designed for WooCommerce retailers. This extension offers retailers the opportunity to provide their customers wit​​h a broad range of customizable greeting cards that can be personalized with text, photos, and other graphics.

According to Patrick Gahan, Co-Founder of Cardzware, the new Print on Demand Greeting Card Extension has been created to offer retailers an easy-to-use and highly customizable solution that can help them increase revenue while offering a truly personalized experience to their customers. The extension can be easily installed and integrated into any WooCommerce store, and retailers can customize the extension to match their brand's look and feel, ensuring seamless use for customers.

The extension comes with a variety of pre-designed templates, allowing customers to create personalized and beautiful cards quickly. It includes several powerful features, including automatic order fulfillment and tracking, real-time inventory management, and the ability to print on-demand, ensuring that retailers never run out of stock. All cards are fulfilled from Cardzware's global printing facilities, located in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Europe, which ensures fast and reliable delivery to customers.

"We are confident that the Print on Demand Greeting Card Extension will be a game-changer for WooCommerce retailers," said Patrick Gahan. "With the ability to offer personalized, high-quality cards to their customers, we believe that retailers will see an increase in sales, customer loyalty, and overall satisfaction."

Patrick Gahan also said that Cardzware is excited to offer retailers a new way to increase revenue and offer their customers a personalized experience. By partnering with Cardzware, retailers can offer a wide range of customized greeting cards without taking on additional inventory costs. The extension is an ideal solution for retailers looking to expand their product offerings and offer their customers a unique experience.

The extension is expected to have a significant impact on WooCommerce retailers and revolutionize the way they offer customized greeting cards to their customers.

To learn more about the Print on Demand Greeting Card Extension, interested parties can visit or contact their sales team directly.
Patrick Gahan