The LDC Gas Forum Southeast Occurs April 12-14, 2023 at the Westin Harbor Golf Resort & Spa

Energy transition and offering lower carbon energy products to natural gas markets in the Southeast U.S. are the focus of a meeting of four hundred industry decision-makers in April.

Houston, TX, March 29, 2023 --( The 23rd Annual LDC Gas Forum Southeast in April takes place in Savannah, GA - the premier event where participants meet to gain insight, analyze, and structure arrangements to buy, sell and transport natural gas.

Four hundred energy industry professionals convene in April to gain insight and conduct analysis of up to the minute issues facing the southeast U.S. natural gas market region. The 23rd Annual LDC Gas Forum Southeast takes place April 12 – 14, in Savannah, GA. This is the industry’s premier gathering for natural gas industry professionals, which is much more than simply a conference, with participants routinely negotiating transactions during the event.

The Program for this year’s event is packed with relevant critical issues that natural gas market stakeholders are facing across the value chain. A key theme across the agenda is Energy Transition - addressing the trilemma challenge of security of supply, affordability, and offering lower carbon energy alternatives (RSG, CNG, RNG, etc.). In addition, standard LDC Gas Forum topics will be addressed, including market fundamentals, supply capabilities, midstream infrastructure updates, end user perspectives and latest policy/regulatory diagnosis. All this against a backdrop of commercial operations involving producing, transporting, and selling natural gas.

Beyond these overarching topics, the Southeast U.S. region brings its own unique issues. Population growth is stretching demand, particularly for power generation. LNG Exports, primarily from U.S. Gulf Coast liquefaction facilities is competing for supply from production regions traditionally serving Southeast markets. Midstream infrastructure expansions face fierce resistance, resulting in bottlenecks and basis price anomalies.

The convergence of these market conditions translates into potential for volatility and the need for informed decisions on structuring commercial arrangements into the future.

The content/discussion program of the LDC Gas Forum Southeast consists of 2 ½ days of keynote presentations, and moderated panels. Keynote addresses include: Rick Smead, Managing Director, Advisory Services, RBN Energy; Rob Wilson, VP, Analytics, East Daley Analytics; Paul De Moudt, General Manager, North America, Shell LNG Marketing & Trading; Mark Aufmuth, Managing Director, Low Carbon & Cross Commodity Origination, bp; Allen Capps, Senior Vice President & Chief Commercial Officer, Gas Transmission and Midstream, Enbridge; John Olshefski, SVP Customer Care, Huntsville Utilities; and Dr. Peter Barber, Director of RNG Business Development,SeekOps Inc.

The Program also includes five moderated Panel discussions addressing a variety of timely topics, with well-qualified industry experts, including representatives from: Cleveland Advisory;; Context Labs; ConocoPhillips; Huntsville Utilities; Southern Company Gas; Municipal Gas Authority of Georgia; PBF Energy; BHE GT&S; CB&I Storage Solutions – McDermott; Cashman Preload Cryogenics; Galileo Technologies US; REV LNG; Kinder Morgan; NRG - Direct Energy; Gas South; Project Canary; EarnDLT; Southern Gas Association; Coalition For Renewable Natural Gas; American Public Gas Association; Loftin Public Affairs / Natural Gas association of Georgia.

This Forum focuses on southeast U.S. natural gas markets, while five other LDC Gas Forums throughout the year address other key regions and market segments across the continent.

Even in today's digital age, natural gas market participants appreciate an event that facilitates face-to-face interaction. The LDC Gas Forum is uniquely structured to meet this requirement and has been the venue of choice, for thousands of participants, for decades. Registration is still available!

The LDC Gas Forums (4), US-Mexico Natural Gas Forum, and Gulf Coast Energy Forum series consists of six annual events each focused on a key natural gas market region across North America. This is where buyers and sellers meet to do business. Much more than simply conferences, the Forums are a venue that delivers insights on critical issues affecting natural gas, LNG and emerging energy markets, but in addition provide participants opportunities to meet with industry counterparts to complete commercial business transactions. Timely panel discussions featuring key industry authorities focus on important questions facing buyers, sellers, transportation operators, service/product suppliers, and other market stakeholders in competitive energy markets. Topics addressed include: Energy Transition Developments, RNG, RSG/Certified Gas, LNG, CNG, ESG, H2, Carbon Capture/CCS, Carbon Offsets, Virtual Pipeline, Supply & Demand, Financial Outlook, Pipeline/Storage/LNG Infrastructure Projects, LNG Export Markets, Mexico Export Markets, Gas/Electric Coordination, Regulatory Updates, Gas Buyer Insights, Risk Analysis/Hedging Strategies and Global Energy Geopolitics. Participants at the Forums include market leaders, decision makers and subject matter experts, representing all segments of the commercial value chain including utilities, industrial gas consumers, producers, pipelines, marketers, key service/product providers, as well as regulators and analysts. Several dedicated networking opportunities give you access to your clients, prospects, and peers to pursue opportunities in the market.

The LDC Gas Forums: Southeast, Northeast, Mid-Continent, Energy Innovations: Rockies & West, the Gulf Coast Energy Forum and the US-Mexico Natural Gas Forum.

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