Reaper Games Unveils Exciting New Identity: Moonglow Games

Sarasota, FL, April 22, 2023 --( Reaper Games, an innovative startup game studio, has announced a fresh, new identity for the company as it rebrands to Moonglow Games. The rebrand reflects the company's commitment to creating expansive worlds and immersive gaming experiences with the most advanced technology on the market.

"We're incredibly excited to enter this new chapter as Moonglow Games," said Joseph Rubin, CEO of Moonglow Games. "Our rebranding signifies our growth and evolution in the gaming industry, and it better represents our vision of creating unforgettable gaming experiences for players worldwide."

Founded as Reaper Games, the startup company is laser-focused on developing the open-world medieval fantasy game called Britaria, which is slated to launch later this year. The decision to rebrand as Moonglow Games emphasizes their focus on creating immersive, otherworldly gaming environments that captivate and engage players on a deeper level.

The new name, Moonglow Games, embodies the company's mission to illuminate the gaming industry with cutting-edge experiences, transporting players to new worlds and capturing their imaginations.

Joseph Rubin, CEO, added, "Our dedication to producing innovative and immersive gaming experiences remains at the forefront of our business. Moonglow Games will continue to push the limits of what is possible in the gaming world, harnessing the power of the latest technologies to create unforgettable adventures for our players."

About Moonglow Games
Moonglow Games, formerly known as Reaper Games, is a startup game studio dedicated to creating expansive worlds and immersive gaming experiences using cutting-edge technology. Founded by a team of passionate industry veterans and innovators, Moonglow Games is determined to establish itself as a leading innovator in the gaming world. With a commitment to pushing the boundaries of game design and technology, the company aims to transport players to new realms and deliver unforgettable adventures.
Jenny Schwartz