Stroller Controller® Wins 2023 National Parenting Products Award (NAPPA)

Safe BeeSide Me, LLC announced today they won the 2023 National Parenting Product Award. Their Stroller Controller® baby stroller safety accessory is a must-have extendable handlebar that lets you walk beside or in front of a stroller to increase your visibility around distracted drivers, and help prevent avoidable stroller street and parking lot tragedy. One-handed steering also makes opening and walking through doors a breeze, while making quick eye contact with a forward facing baby simple.

Stroller Controller® Wins 2023 National Parenting Products Award (NAPPA)
Oradell, NJ, May 05, 2023 --( The maker of a safe and easy-to-use accessory is honored to receive this award for protecting babies in strollers from dangerous traffic

Safe BeeSide Me, LLC, a business on a mission to improve street safety for babies and families, announced today that they have won the 2023 National Parenting Award (NAPPA). The award was given for the Stroller Controller.

The Stroller Controller, a patented safety accessory that easily attaches to a stroller handle, lets parents walk beside or in front of their stroller, rather than behind it. Stroller Controller rectifies the dangerous situation of having a child out front and low to the ground, vulnerable to traffic, while the adult pushing the stroller struggles to see oncoming vehicles.

The Stroller Controller was developed after Safe BeeSide Me founder Sandra Perilli witnessed a near-accident in which a driver failed to notice a stroller being pushed out into a crosswalk until it was almost too late. “I noticed how vulnerable the baby was, and how hard it was for the parent to see oncoming traffic,” says Perilli. “I knew there had to be a safer way to cross streets, get through busy intersections, and move through crowded parking lots with a stroller, especially with so many distracted drivers on the road. `See and be seen’ has never been more important.”

The product went through more than two years of design, development, and rigorous testing. Added benefits of its one-handed steering control are the convenience of being able to open doors easily, make eye contact with a forward-facing baby, or hold onto a toddler’s hand. When the trip is over, Stroller Controller collapses with the stroller.

Product testers have commented that the Stroller Controller is “Especially useful for going through closed doors and when walking in busy city streets…,” “Haven’t seen anything else like it…,” “Amazed at how easily this product solved such a common stroller problem.”

The Stroller Controller, with a black or silver handle, is available for $49.99 via the company’s website,

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