Air Lift Technology
Air Lift Technology

Air Lift Technology Revitalizes Marginal and Shallow Oil Wells

Air Lift Technology is an economically efficient, patented, pneumatic, down hole pump that is revitalizing the shallow oil well industry. ALT's pneumatic pump runs continuously 24/7 with no time clocks and can be installed with only a winch truck. The Air Lift Technology pump system's ease of installation allows for ease of transfer between wells making it a perfect exploratory tool.

Nowata, OK, May 11, 2023 --( Air Lift Technology Revitalizes Marginal and Shallow Oil Wells

The Air Lift Technology “ALT” System is an ecologically-friendly, patented, pneumatic pumping system that works 100% off of compressed air or natural gas to lift hydrocarbons from existing, low-producing, and shallow oil wells. The system is capable of bringing wells orphaned due to high repair costs back into production.

The ALT System is corrosion resistant, has no electrical connections, no moving parts above ground, and greatly reduces the surface footprint at the well site. Air Lift has eliminated the need for pump jacks, rods and tubing, variable frequency drives, and time clocks. The ALT system has a proven record of continuous operation without well interventions for 4 years and counting.

Air Lift Technology down-hole pumps are virtually maintenance free, fully self-contained and are designed to self-regulate. The self regulating feature eliminates the guesswork and human error resulting in a significant increase in fluid production. Built of 316 grade, corrosion resistant stainless steel, the pumping cylinders are self-contained in the well bore making holes in the well casings a non issue. As the pump chamber fills with fluid, compressed air (or compressed natural gas) automatically transfers the fluid to the surface.

The air is injected into the pump and does not mix with any of the formation fluids. The system's air saving feature prevents the pumps from functioning until the pump chamber is completely full. All the fluid in the system is completely self contained until reaching the surface and injected into the flow lines. The cycle is continuous allowing the ALT System to pump fluids from the well 24 hours a day 7 days a week, thus, eliminating any need for time clocks and significantly increasing production.

ALT’s pump system is color-coded for ease of installation and the system is easily transferred from well to well if necessary. No need for expensive workover rigs, a winch truck is all you need to Install ALT’s pumping system. ALT’s self-contained system is connected with quarter inch 316 grade stainless steel cable. The whole system is lowered into the wellbore until achieving the desired depth. The ease of installation and pulling makes the ALT system ideal for exploratory wells.

ALT currently has two different size pumps: a 3 1/2” pump made to fit inside a 4” well, and a 4 1/2” pump made to fit 5” and larger well bores. The whole system operates at 125 psi air pressure.

Air Lift Technology’s innovation has captured the attention Tulsa University’s (TU) School of Petroleum Engineering, internationally recognized as one of the top Petroleum Engineering schools in the country. TU and ALT are collaborating in their test tower on a 3 inch pump to put ALT into more marginal and shallow oil fields throughout the country.
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