Florida Association of ACOs Welcomes LifeOmic as Member

Health tech company LifeOmic supports precision medicine, population health and patient engagement.

Florida Association of ACOs Welcomes LifeOmic as Member
Saint Johns, FL, June 07, 2023 --(PR.com)-- Florida Association of ACOs (FLAACOs), a ValueH organization and one of the leading voices for value-based care, announces LifeOmic, a healthcare technology company powering precision health with its end-to-end software solutions, as its newest member.

LifeOmic provides innovative technologies to support FLAACOs goal of increasing quality while decreasing costs in healthcare. LifeOmic works with healthcare providers, researchers, and health-focused enterprises to aggregate and utilize health data to improve patient outcomes.

The LifeOmic Platform is a HITRUST-certified, scalable cloud-based software solution that simplifies complex and often unusable data from EHRs, genetic tests, clinical trial matching databases, wearable devices, medical devices and patient-reported outcomes.The LifeOmic Patient Mobile App was designed as a hub for all connection points. The app can be configured for different audiences and use cases, so whether it is being used for remote patient monitoring, patient adherence, patient education, or research, the app is flexibly designed to offer two-way communication.

“We understand that clinicians sometimes feel overwhelmed by new technology and that adding more technology isn’t necessarily better. Throughout development, we have strived to create tools that make clinical workflows simple, not more complex,” said Dr. Shelagh Fraser, LifeOmic Chief Medical Officer. “Our platform improves clinician efficiency, optimizes patient outcomes, and facilitates health literacy. Freeing up clinician time for higher-level activities and increasing patient throughput translates directly into ROI. For example, one of our large health system partners reported a 60% reduction in complex patient review times.”

LifeOmic’s technology enables the very best in data integration and visualization to enable the best treatment decisions. Saving providers time to inform patient care has been an important priority.

“The goal at LifeOmic is to expand the use of our technology to help healthcare professionals of all types tailor their recommendations and therapies to the unique needs of individual patients. If we view the needs of the field as a pyramid, the cloud platform is the very base,” Dr. Fraser explained. “Mobile-based patient engagement is the following layer. Next up the stack is the graphical visualizations and analytic tools we’ve added, but the biggest challenge is to make this technology available to non-experts - including clinicians such as primary care physicians, dieticians, and physical therapists, and, of course, patients themselves. We intend to address this challenge with decision-support tools that leverage AI to make specific recommendations. It’s up to the entire field to achieve broad adoption and realize the enormous potential.”

“Membership with FLAACOs will allow LifeOmic to connect directly with providers focused on personalizing medical care with the huge amounts of unusable data available,” said Nicole Bradberry, FLAACOs CEO. “This is especially important for healthcare providers in Florida, who serve the largest population of senior adults in the nation, many of whom are managing multiple chronic conditions.”

About Florida Association of ACOs (FLAACOs), a ValueH Organization
ValueH is the leading member organization in the U.S. with a dedicated focus on driving positive and sustainable change in how value-based care is delivered and reimbursed. Founded in 2012, ValueH’s FLAACOs is a professional organization for accountable care organizations and healthcare leaders throughout Florida and beyond. The association brings organizations together and drives providers to work together to increase the quality of care delivered to patients while significantly lowering medical costs overall. To learn more please visit our websites at www.flaacos.com and www.valueH.com and connect with us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

About LifeOmic
Founded in 2016, LifeOmic is a healthcare technology company solving the industry's largest problems — connecting, consolidating, and visualizing complex health data to improve patient outcomes. Its technological backbone, The LifeOmic Platform, is a secure and scalable cloud-based software solution designed to aggregate and visualize complex health data to power precision health. LifeOmic also offers the LifeOmic Patient Mobile App that was designed to be the hub for all connection points. The app can be configured for different audiences and use cases—so whether it is used for remote patient monitoring, patient adherence, patient education or research, the app is flexibly designed to offer two-way communication. The platform and mobile app securely aggregate, store, and analyze health data across electronic health records (EHR), genomic, clinical, imaging, population, and patient data to accelerate research and optimize healthcare decision-making. To learn more about LifeOmic, visit lifeomic.com.
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