Almighty Defense Inc. Introduces Ballistic Briefcase, Redefining Personal Safety for Everyday Use

Almighty Defense Inc. Introduces Ballistic Briefcase, Redefining Personal Safety for Everyday Use
Los Angeles, CA, July 03, 2023 --( Almighty Defense Inc. (ADI), a prominent provider of personal security solutions, is thrilled to announce the launch of their latest product: an advanced ballistic briefcase that unfolds into a fully functional ballistic shield. This innovative solution offers individuals increased protection against various ballistic threats, including active shooters and armed assailants.

The Almighty Defense Inc. ballistic briefcase seamlessly combines practicality and functionality, providing a unique solution for personal defense. Designed with compartments and features akin to a regular briefcase, it effortlessly integrates into everyday life while retaining the potential to act as a life-saving shield when required.

Jakob Spevak, CEO of ADI, emphasizes the significance of the Almighty Defense Inc. ballistic briefcase in the realm of personal security. Spevak states, "Our aim is to empower individuals to protect themselves and their loved ones, providing peace of mind and safety in potentially dangerous situations."

Through rigorous testing, the base model of the Almighty Defense Inc. ballistic briefcase has demonstrated its capability to effectively halt all handguns, 12-gauge shotgun slugs, and armor-piercing handgun FN57 rounds. ADI also offers advanced models that can withstand AK-47 and 5.56 rounds, catering to the diverse needs of both civilians and professionals.

The applications of the Almighty Defense Inc. ballistic briefcase are extensive and versatile. It serves as a valuable tool for home defense against home invasions and proves valuable during armed robberies in various settings, such as streets and stores, where personal safety is at risk.

ADI is actively seeking donations to provide ballistic briefcases to schools and teachers, aiming to enhance safety and protection against potential school shootings.

Recognizing the importance of equipping law enforcement professionals with the necessary tools for protection, ADI has designed the ballistic briefcase to be an essential addition to their toolbox in patrol vehicles. Additionally, the briefcase can serve as a first aid bag, swiftly transforming into a ballistic shield in situations where officers encounter unknown threats without immediate backup.

Amidst the concerning rise in gun violence, Almighty Defense Inc. remains committed to developing products that offer ballistic protection for everyday civilians and professionals alike. The ballistic briefcase acts as a powerful deterrent and defense tool, contributing to the overall safety and security of individuals and communities.

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Almighty Defense Inc. (ADI) is a leading provider of innovative personal security solutions. Their advanced ballistic briefcase combines practicality and protection, empowering individuals to take charge of their personal safety and create safer environments. ADI strives to enhance personal security in everyday situations through their range of cutting-edge products. To learn more, please visit
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