Esquire Innovations, Inc. Reports Successful First Quarter

Temecula, CA, June 07, 2008 --( Esquire Innovations, Inc. has reported a successful first quarter that eclipsed goals and expectations, according to Susan McClellan, Director of Marketing.

The company’s product line includes iCreate, a template and document production application; iScrub, a metadata management solution for Microsoft Office documents; iRedline, a document comparison and collaboration application for Microsoft Word and Excel; and iDocID, a powerful document management system-integrated ID stamper. iOffice System includes all of these products. The company is scheduled to release their next generation of products in Q3 2008.

"As expected, we didn't see a mad rush to Microsoft Office 2007 in the first quarter of 2008,” says Randall Farrar, CEO of Esquire Innovations. “And I don't expect to see a great change in this for the second or third quarters. What I predict is that the conversion to Office 2007 will start to happen towards the end of this year, gaining momentum in 2009. We are seeing firms starting to look towards Office 2007, and beginning to plan accordingly, but very few have made the switch thus far. I believe the driver for firms to make the switch will be the need to create documents in the internationally approved XML file format."

Metadata continues to be a hot topic in first quarter 2008:
Esquire reports that metadata continues to be a hot topic. Firms who did not have a metadata solution have added iScrub to their desktops in the first quarter of 2008, to manage the metadata found in MS Office and PDF documents. Through e-mail integration, iScrub will remove harmful metadata from electronic documents before they are shared outside a firm’s electronic walls.

Increasingly firms are realizing the risk they open themselves up to if they do not have a metadata management software installed. As noted in an article published in the National Law Journal, “Where do the footprints of Metadata lead?”, “…the uninitiated lawyer and law firm [should] go online and search for "metadata scrubbers." It will open up software for removing metadata, which, as a matter of loss prevention, law firms probably need to have installed on their computers.” (Where do the Footprints of Metadata Lead? By Marcia Coyle, The National Law Journal, February 20, 2008.)

“We are seeing firms purchase iScrub who are new to metadata management software,” states McClellan, ” but we are also seeing firms who are upgrading or unhappy with their current solution, purchase iScrub as a replacement. iScrub’s simple user interface and centralized administration means easy adoption for users, and efficient control of metadata policy for firm administration.”

To help address the constantly changing needs of its current iScrub clients, the company recently introduced Metadata Policy Services to assist clients to make the best use of their software purchase. “Our objective is to ensure that a firm’s experience with iScrub is as successful as possible,” offers Farrar. “We work with iScrub clients of every size and from every background every day, and we are constantly developing the software to meet the legal industry’s changing metadata concerns. We want all our clients to benefit from this experience and knowledge.”

iCreate is increasingly popular:
In the first quarter, new clients have purchased Esquire Innovations’ iCreate, a product that encourages more efficient, standardized document production by providing ways to easily create automated templates for end users. iCreate also provides tools to quickly apply and make changes to styles, numbering and other MS Word formatting elements. Users have traditionally struggled with formatting MS Word documents, yet firms that implement iCreate find they can significantly reduce the time users spend drafting, formatting, and reformatting documents.

Esquire reports current iCreate clients are also upgrading their current version of the software to take advantage of new features.

After installing Office 2007, an Information Systems manager from a client law firm in Boston stated that she had a difficult time “finding things in Word [2007]. But…”when she installed iCreate, she was thrilled to find that “it made using Word 2007 so much more intuitive.”

Ready for Office 2007:
Esquire reports that iCreate, iScrub and iDocID are Office 2007 compatible. The new generation of products currently being developed will be enhancements of the current versions, and iRedline will be available for Office 2007 as well.
With more than 550 clients in 110 cities, Esquire Innovations has been a leading provider of Microsoft Office integration software services and applications geared to the legal market for nearly ten years.

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