Dr. Eileen Ruth Borris Honored as a Woman of the Month for October 2023 by P.O.W.E.R. - Professional Organization of Women of Excellence Recognized

Dr. Eileen Ruth Borris Honored as a Woman of the Month for October 2023 by P.O.W.E.R. - Professional Organization of Women of Excellence Recognized
Paradise Valley, AZ, October 25, 2023 --(PR.com)-- Eileen Borris Ed.D. of Paradise Valley, Arizona, has been honored as a Woman of the Month for October 2023 by P.O.W.E.R. (Professional Organization of Women of Excellence Recognized) for her outstanding contributions and great success in the field of psychology.

About Dr. Eileen Ruth Borris
Eileen Borris Ed.D. is an international clinical and political psychologist specializing in international conflict resolution, mediation, negotiation, dialogue, multi-track diplomacy, and peace building. She is a highly regarded speaker, author, consultant, and trainer in the areas of conflict and healing the wounds of war and genocide. She employs the use of political forgiveness – an interactive process that involves the mending of individuals, the reconstruction of communal relationships, and the pursuit of a just political order – to pave a way towards healing, social trust renewal, and the restoration of political harmony.

Dr. Borris has instructed peace-building programs in more than fifteen of the most unstable and war-torn countries including Afghanistan, Liberia, Nigeria, Nepal, Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Lebanon, Israel, the Occupied Territories, and the Republic of Georgia. She has taught at the most prestigious universities in the world, including Thunderbird School of Global Management, where she works today, and has delivered multiple addresses to the United Nations including at the General Assembly on “Forgiveness and the Healing of Nations. Dr. Borris will be the keynote speaker at a conference sponsored by Arizona State University, Wollo University, Samara University and Mekelle University in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on “Higher Education’s Role in Transforming Ethiopian Communities and Society Post-Conflict.” In November, she will be speaking on “The Role of Political Forgiveness in the Healing of Nations.” The purpose of the conference is to provide a forum for how universities can promote peace, reconciliation, and social cohesion among the Afar, Amhara and Tigrayan people.

Concerned about the hate and polarization which is on the rise in this country, Dr. Borris has developed a national project called Healing Hate in America, which uses a political forgiveness model addressing individual and communal healing, for societal change. This very important project is opened to any individual and organization interested in reducing hate and polarization and who is interested in seeing if exposing people to a political forgiveness process will help people become more tolerant and engage in society in a more peaceful way.

As an author, Dr. Borris has written many articles and books on the subjects of personal and political forgiveness. Her first book, “Forgiveness the Ultimate Freedom,” is available in five foreign countries. “Finding Forgiveness: A 7 Step Program for Letting Go of Anger and Bitterness” is a self-help book and was a finalist for “Books for a Better Life Award,” won the “Best Books for 2007” award in the self-help category, and was chosen for the National Press Club 30th annual book fair. Both her books include a forward by His Holiness, the Dalai Lama.

A winner of multiple awards and honors, Dr. Borris has won the ATHENA Leadership Award; the “Distinguished Contribution to the Practice of Psychology” from the Arizona Psychological Association and the “Champion of Forgiveness” Award from the World Forgiveness Alliance.

Sought after for her expertise, Dr. Borris has made more than 30 radio and television appearances dispelling myths about forgiveness and has been interviewed by Real Simple and O Magazine. She served as the former president of Forgiveness International and still sits on the board. She has also served as the director of training and program development at the Institute for Multi-Track Diplomacy (IMTD) in Washington, D.C.

Dr. Borris received her Ed.D. from Teachers College, Columbia University and is a member of the American Psychological Association and the Arizona Psychological Association. In her spare time, Eileen enjoys music, being in nature, traveling, and swimming.

For more information, visit www.drborris.com.

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