Celebrate National Children's Dental Health Month with Custom Dental: 7 Things Parents Need to Know About Children’s Oral Health

Celebrate National Children's Dental Health Month with Custom Dental: 7 Things Parents Need to Know About Children’s Oral Health
McKinney, TX, February 14, 2024 --(PR.com)-- Custom Dental is honoring National Children's Dental Health Month this February by empowering parents with the knowledge of how to best maintain their children’s dental health. As part of giving back to their community, Custom Dental is presenting in local schools educating students, and handing out free whitening take-home kits to teachers.

Dr. Bryce Gates from Custom Dental of Mckinney will be presenting at Ogle Elementary as well as Alexander’s school, First Melissa Arrow Academy, in Melissa. Dr. Mark Saffold and his team at Custom Dental of the Colony will be presenting at Ethridge Elementary and Dr. Nigel Kasali and his team at Custom Dental of Denton will be presenting at his daughter’s school in McKinney. Dr. Bryce Gates at Custom Dental of Bonham will also be presenting at Finley-Oates Elementary.

Here are 7 things Custom Dental wishes to share with all parents:

1. Schedule their first appointment by their first birthday. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends starting dental hygiene habits as soon as the eruption of their very first tooth. A simple wet washcloth to wipe teeth down every evening is a great way to start this habit. The earlier a dentist can observe a child’s dental health, the higher the chances of catching any issues early and preventing any future problems. Not only will getting seen earlier prevent any problems, but it will also allow a child to become more comfortable in a dental office setting at a very young age.

2. A child’s dental health is correlated with their success in school. Tooth pain from cavities, missing school for appointments, and battling infections may negatively impact school performance. Excessive cavities and infections may even lead to problems with speaking and eating. According to the CDC, “Children who have poor oral health often miss more school and receive lower grades than children who don’t.” The CDC also states that more than 50% of children aged 6 to 8 have a cavity untreated. It’s important to keep in mind that t oral health can have an impact on a child’s overall success in school.

3. Issues with a child’s first molars (erupting around the age of 6) can influence a child’s jaw and the shape of their face. The first molars are responsible for helping create a proper arch in your child’s upper and lower jaw. It’s essential to keep these molars clean and flossed as they are the main teeth used for chewing for the rest of their life. Dental sealants can be a great option to prevent cavities to maintain their integrity. Taking care of the first molars properly ensures that your child’s jaw forms correctly and evenly.

4. Parents can supervise brushing and flossing until the ages of 7-8. It is important to ensure that children are brushing all areas of their teeth, especially their molars. Brush their teeth twice a day with a pea-sized amount of fluoride toothpaste and always make sure they are spitting it out rather than swallowing. An older child may forget to brush their teeth properly so it’s important to keep track of solid healthy habits done correctly.

5. Limiting sugary snacks and beverages can be the best way to prevent cavities. Custom Dental advises replacing juice with water and if they are going to drink juice to drink it within a time of thirty minutes. It is important to not sip on juice for hours as this can be a huge culprit of cavities as sugar is continuously exposed to their teeth. Milk is also a better option than juice as it has less sugar. Substitute sugary snacks with fruits, vegetables, cheese, and low-sugar yogurt. Check for added sugars in your child’s snacks and try to stick to less than 25 grams (or 6 teaspoons) of sugar a day.

6. Note if your child is mouth breathing at night. Mouth breathing has been shown to cause multiple issues such as bad breath, crooked or crowded teeth, dry mouth, or even facial deformities and speech problems. Most importantly, it can lead to an inadequate amount of oxygen at night which may affect a child’s behavior during the day. It is also associated with increased nose and throat infections. Custom Dental may be able to provide a mouthpiece that can prevent mouth breathing and further prevent any more issues from forming. It’s important to catch this issue early as some studies are showing it may even lead to ADHD in children.

7. Make sure to address thumb-sucking past the age of 4. Prolonged thumb sucking can be a sign of breathing problems in a child if they do it during sleep or lying down. Thumb sucking may bring some of the same issues as mouth breathing and can also lead to an increased likelihood of crooked teeth and needing orthodontics. An oral device can also be placed to prevent thumb sucking if it becomes a further issue.

Research highlights a correlation between academic success in school and a child’s oral health. Custom Dental urges families to join in with National Children's Dental Health Month by scheduling their child's next dental appointment today and getting 50% off of sealants for the entire month of February. It’s important to empower children on how to take care of their oral health with your guidance so they can perform their best at school and beyond.

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