Saelig Introduces SIM1000 Strain Gage Simulators To Mimic Bridge Tension/Compression Activity

Lincoln Instruments SIM1000 Strain Gage Simulator from Saelig is a novel 350ohm Wheatstone Bridge Strain Gage/Load Cell simulator that mimics tension and compression activity on the bridge, ratiometrically.

Fairport, NY, May 15, 2024 --( Saelig Company, Inc. has introduced the Lincoln Instruments SIM1000 Strain Gage Simulators novel 350ohm Wheatstone Bridge Strain Gage/Load Cell simulator that mimic tension and compression activity on the bridge, ratiometrically. Available in two versions that are designed to simulate strain gages and load cells, the SIM1000A can be set to ±5.0000 mV/V and the SIM1000B to ±50.000 mV/V. All inputs are set via the thumbwheel switches.

The SIM1000 uses state-of-the-art low quiescent, low noise, high stability amplifiers and ultra stable precision resistors to provide the accuracy, stability and repeatability required in a laboratory instrument. It is operates with bridge excitation supplies of 5 to 10 Vdc, with all internal electronics referenced to, but isolated from the bridge. The SIM1000 is microprocessor-based and is ideal for use in a wide variety of laboratory and industrial applications. The unique design of the SIM1000 allows it to enter “sleep mode” to eliminate any digital clock noise and only “wakes,” momentarily, to process a user’s pushbutton request.

Available pre-calibrated to NIST standards, calibration for the simulator is done digitally, without manual adjustments. All calibration, full scale, and zero is digitally accomplished and stored in non-volatile EEPROM. Its accuracy and stability are sufficient to use the SIM1000 as a portable secondary standard.


NextGen Microprocessor based 350ohm Wheatstone Bridge Simulator
Powered by Vexc Supply; no batteries required
Thumbwheel switch settings for ±5.0000 mV/V or ± 50.000 mV/V for A or B versions
100nV/V or 1uV/V minimum setting sensitivity for A or B versions
0.01% of setting ±1 digit sensitivity
Excellent long term zero and setting stability
Pure Digital Pushbutton calibration; no manual adjustment required
Digital Zero Trim and Storage with Low Noise, High Stability Buffers
Stores 10 user selected settings for sequential recall
Available with NIST Calibration Certificate

Lincoln Instruments, Inc. has been designing industrial electronic instrumentation design and controllers since 1975. The SIM1000 Simulators are available now from their technical distributor Saelig Company, Inc.
Saelig Co., Inc.
Alan Lowne
71A Perinton Parkway
Fairport, NY 14450