Simplifying Clinical Trials: TrialX Launches AI powered Clinical Trial Finder for Patient-Friendly Information

TrialX's new AI powered Clinical Trial Finder tool simplifies access to detailed information on over 58,000 active trials globally. The advanced AI technology transforms complex trial details into clear, concise language, making them understandable for a broader audience. Patients and caregivers can register as volunteers and receive notifications about suitable trials, enhancing participation in clinical research.

Simplifying Clinical Trials: TrialX Launches AI powered Clinical Trial Finder for Patient-Friendly Information
New York, NY, June 17, 2024 --( TrialX, a leader in digital health solutions, is excited to announce the launch of an innovative AI based Clinical Trial Finder tool on, showcasing a host of features designed to simplify access to clinical trial information for all audiences. Leveraging recent advancements in AI technology, the tool revolutionizes the way users navigate and comprehend complex clinical trial information.

With the goal of enhancing transparency and accessibility in clinical research, TrialX's Clinical Trial Finder tool offers a free user-friendly interface for individuals seeking information about ongoing clinical trials. The tool provides detailed information on about 58K+ active trials running across 189K+ study centers globally in various therapeutic areas, allowing users to search and filter relevant trials based on medical conditions, keywords, location, gender, age and more.

Clinical trial patient recruitment has long been plagued by challenges, with comprehension of complex trial information standing out as a significant barrier. The intricacies of trial protocols, eligibility criteria, and potential risks often overwhelm potential participants, leading to recruitment delays and missed opportunities for medical advancement. Towards addressing these challenges, the Clinical Trial Finder tool uses AI technology to analyze, simplify and rewrite complex terminology into clear, concise language, making clinical trial details more understandable and accessible to broader audiences.

Moreover, patients and caregivers can choose to register as volunteers for upcoming trials. Through advanced AI patient-to-trial matching algorithms, the system continually scans for new studies that match their profiles. Upon identification of a suitable trial, participants receive notifications and can initiate the pre-screening process to determine their eligibility.

"We are thrilled to unveil the AI-driven Clinical Trial Finder, which represents a significant milestone in our ongoing efforts to democratize access to clinical trial information," said Chintan Patel, CTO, TrialX. The technology underwent rigorous internal evaluation to ensure that the presented information is meaningful and empowers patients to make informed decisions about clinical trial participation.

TrialX's AI-based Clinical Trial Finder tool is now available to the public on, marking a significant milestone in the company's ongoing mission to revolutionize healthcare and improve patient outcomes through technology-driven solutions. With a focus on user-centric design and cutting-edge technology, TrialX continues to pave the way for advancements in clinical research and patient engagement.

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TrialX is a clinical research and space health informatics company headquartered in New York City. From launching the first clinical trials app on Google Health in 2008, to powering online patient recruitment and research data collection for space missions, TrialX is on a mission to facilitate One Billion Health Research Contributions. Through innovative technology and a commitment to enhancing patient outcomes, TrialX bridges the gap between patients and researchers, fostering collaboration and propelling medical innovation. TrialX products include an award-winning patient recruitment management platform), a remote research data collection (ePRO/eCOA) platform and an online talk show, all designed to facilitate collection, analysis, and dissemination of clinical research data across web, mobile or stand-alone devices. TrialX products are used by Top 5 Pharma and other clinical trial sponsors, leading academic medical centers such as the University of Pennsylvania, New York Langone School of Medicine, Indiana University CTSI, Northwestern University, IOWA and patient advocacy groups such as the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research, Alzheimer’s Association and the Global Lyme Alliance. To learn more, visit
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