GenRocket Advances the State of Test Data Automation Technology

Unveils G-Families to simplify synthetic data modeling, design, and deployment for testing complex database environments.

GenRocket Advances the State of Test Data Automation Technology
Ojai, CA, June 06, 2024 --( GenRocket is excited to announce the release of G-Families, a groundbreaking innovation in Test Data Automation. In today's complex data environments, testers and developers face significant challenges in understanding data relationships and creating accurate test data to validate code functionality and performance. Designing data sets for comprehensive test coverage, including positive data, negative data, edge cases, permutations, and end-to-end transaction flows, can be slow and complex.

GenRocket’s G-Families address these challenges by visually displaying complex data relationships, grouping related data tables into families, and automating the design of executable Test Data Cases to generate on-demand test data for any category of testing.

The Data Provisioning Challenge
Modern software applications are built on intricate databases with numerous interrelated domains. Testing these applications requires a deep understanding of data structures and relationships to ensure comprehensive test coverage. This understanding is not easily attainable for developers and testers, who may have limited interaction with data architects. This results in several challenges:

1. Complex Data Relationships: Understanding intricate data relationships is crucial but difficult, leading to incomplete or inaccurate testing.
2. Time-Consuming Data Provisioning: Provisioning test datasets that maintain referential integrity and cover all necessary test case scenarios is a slow process.
3. Inadequate Test Coverage: Without thorough understanding of data relationships, testers may miss critical data elements and values, resulting in undetected defects.

The G-Families Solution
G-Families simplifies and accelerates test data provisioning by visually representing complex data table relationships in large hierarchical databases with many parent/child/sibling relationships and grouping them into logical “families”. These data table families can then be quickly turned into executable Test Data Cases of automated data provisioning. Here’s how it works:

Data Relationship Simplification & Visualization:
- Visual Diagrams: Generates ER diagrams or GenRocket’s domain relationship diagrams, allowing developers and testers to visualize data relationships clearly.
- Family Groupings: Identifies related data domains as "families," making it easier to focus on specific domains for a given module of code under test or test case scenario.
- Detailed and Summary Views: Provides detailed and summary visualizations of domain relationships.

Automation & Acceleration of Test Data Case Design:
- Test Data Cases: Instruction sets used by the GenRocket platform to generate specific sets of synthetic data that can be called by test scripts to deliver "on-demand real-time" test data in any volume, variety or format.
- Automated Workflows: Automates and accelerates the design of Test Data Cases, speeding up creation for positive data, negative data, edge cases, and data permutations for any category of testing from unit to system integration testing.

Key Benefits of G-Families:
- Enhanced Test Coverage: Generates controlled and conditioned synthetic test data, ensuring comprehensive test coverage and reducing undetected bugs.
- Reduced Time and Effort: Automated data generation saves significant time and effort compared to manual data provisioning methods.
- Scalability: Handles complex and large-scale data requirements, scaling to billions of rows of data, suitable for enterprises of all sizes.
- Increased Efficiency: Simplifies Test Data Case design and reusability, accelerating test data provisioning and testing for global dev and test teams.

"We continue to add sophisticated capabilities that streamline the data provisioning process to our component-based Test Data Automation platform," said Garth Rose, CEO. "GenRocket has secured its place as the industry leader for delivering the future of Test Data Management to quality engineering environments."

Learn More About G-Families
For a more technical understanding of how G-Families works, including detailed documentation and examples, please visit the G-Families Overview on our website. We've also prepared a series of videos to explain the operation of G-Families and its core components. Check them out for a full understanding and demonstration of this powerful capability in action.

About GenRocket
GenRocket is the leader in synthetic Test Data Automation, high-performance technology for automating the design and delivery of synthetic data or masked and subsetted production data for software testing and machine learning requirements. GenRocket’s patented, groundbreaking platform accelerates test data provisioning by more than 1,000% as it improves data quality and test coverage while reducing cost and ensuring data privacy. Headquartered in Ojai, California, GenRocket operates in global markets through an extensive network of systems integration partners and has customers in more than 14 vertical markets including financial services, insurance, healthcare, retail, energy, telecommunication and government.

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