Capital Cruises Launches Captivating GPS Audio Tours in 6 Languages in the Nation’s Capital

Capital Cruises Enhances Sightseeing Experiences and Removes Language Barriers for Foreign Language Travelers in Ottawa.

Ottawa, Canada, June 25, 2008 --( Capital Cruises Ottawa in partnership with AudioConexus Inc. today unveiled a revolutionary and technologically advanced GPS audio tour system on its tour boat, the Empress of Ottawa. Capital Cruises delivers a whole new way to experience Canada’s Capital, with GPS audio tours in multiple languages simultaneously, the first GPS tours in the region to provide a rich and compelling history of the Nation’s Capital and the Ottawa River.

Utilizing satellite (GPS) technology, Capital Cruises tells compelling and entertaining stories told by professional actors in character driven vignettes, traversing passages of time, from the National Capital Region’s first courier de bois, Etienne Brule to Canada’s first Prime Minister, Sir John A. MacDonald, supported by a rich audio tour experience with sound effects and music.

Kurt Huck, Capital Cruises President said, “The tours evoke a sense of history while providing visitors to Canada’s Capital with uplifting and entertaining sightseeing experiences. By removing language barriers for travelers we provide our guests with high-quality, engaging and captivating stories about our Nation’s Capital. We’re pleased to be able to offer a journey through time that moves away from traditional and often uninteresting commentary to an innovative and well-crafted experience that captivates our visitors’ imaginations. The new wireless GPS tour system enhances sightseeing experiences by providing visitors to the Nation’s Capital entertaining and educational audio tours in six languages. By enhancing visitor experiences, we treat our guests royally.”

“When we began this exciting project with Capital Cruises, we all thought that Samuel de Champlain was the first European to navigate the Ottawa River. Research revealed that the Ottawa River knew another European man of consequence, Etienne Brule. We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to set the record straight,” said Jonathan Stanley, President & CEO of AudioConexus. “The new tour is the first of its kind in the Nation’s Capital and with the availability of this GPS-guided tour in several languages, visitors will now be able to imagine, explore, and connect to the region’s vibrant and colourful history in more meaningful ways.”

Recently awarded the prestigious Unesco World Heritage Site designation, the Rideau Canal is now brought to life through stories, sound effects and music, converging with the launching of wireless hands-free tours in English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese and Mandarin as tourists use small wireless receivers and headsets to experience and relive history with a characterization of Canada’s first courier de bois, Etienne Brule, one of the characters visitors will meet during their journey on the scenic Ottawa River:

“Don’t believe the stories and the statues and the official histories! I tell you, Champlain may have been the first European man of consequence to see this river, but he was not the first man to look in wonder at this mighty flowing god, the “Odawa”. No, there were many before him — the Algonkin, who lived in harmony with the land and water for a millennium — and me, Etienne Brule, the first European, sent here by Champlain three years before his arrival with orders to live and trade with the Algonkin, to learn their language, to learn the riches of the river, to become the first courier de bois. Come, join me on a tour of discovery and experience what the river has witnessed from a time before there was time… through the early settlement of this gorgeous, rich and unknown frontier; to the establishment of one of the world’s majestic cities, Ottawa, named after the mighty river that winds through its heart and through its rich history.”

About Capital Cruises

Capital Cruises provides exceptional sightseeing experiences on its tour boat, the Empress of Ottawa. The 300 passenger, triple deck, Empress of Ottawa offers spectacular views of the city on its sightseeing tours, providing entertaining commentary about the Nation’s Capital in English, French, Spanish, German, Japanese and Mandarin. Capital Cruises also provides regularly scheduled dinner cruises from our exclusive caterer, specializing in innovative French cuisine, Le Panache. Hosting corporate functions, conventions, employee get-togethers, family events, and weddings, Capital Cruises offers unique and memorable cruising experiences.

About AudioConexus Inc.

AudioConexus Inc. (“ACI”) provides GPS triggered sightseeing tours in multiple languages simultaneously, removing language barriers for foreign language travelers. As a leading GPS Media and Entertainment company, they create GPS audio and video experiences in the real world, where urban and natural environments transform into theatrical backdrops for exceptional storytelling. The company provides tourism operators with significantly enhanced tour products and visitor experiences in any language, any topic, anywhere. They help tourism and mass transit operators to increase sales, reduce costs, and promote safer driving.

In addition, ACI’s Global Positioning System (GPS) technology is now being used to deliver Location Based Transit Advertising (LBTA). This new media option provides advertisers with an advertising platform for highly targeted, location-relevant advertising. The LBTA model delivers “the right message to the right people at the right time at the right place”, taking advertising relevance to new level – and to a captive audience. Advertising is now being delivered as digital audio over Public Address Systems and as promotional video on LCD screens.

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