ABQ Trolley Launches Enhanced Passenger Experiences with GPS Audio and Video Tours

Today ABQ Trolley announced it’s introducing Q-VIEW, a multimedia tour experience delivered through a GPS audio/video system by AudioConexus on its City Tour. Q-VIEW includes video and photographic elements of Albuquerque's past throughout the tour. Now passengers will look up at TV monitors and see segments of the route such as the Mother Road as it appeared decades ago, in its former glory, as the famous Route 66. - April 21, 2011

Kensington Master Builders Launches Canada’s First BuiltGreen™ Show Home Audio Tour

Kensington Master Builders Launches Canada’s First BuiltGreen™ Show Home with entertaining and informative audio tours that highlight the importance of energy conservation and environmental responsibility. - November 05, 2010

Gray Line New Zealand Opens Its Doors to the World with GPS Multilingual Tours

Gray Line New Zealand, a division of Johnston’s Group Ltd, introduces new GPS audio tours of New Zealand in English, Spanish, Japanese and Mandarin, breaking down language barriers for foreign language travelers. - June 17, 2010

CES and AudioConexus Launch Location Based Storytelling for Heritage-Rich Tourism Experiences

With the introduction of TechTours, CES is applying its product development experience in the tourism industry to help communities and municipalities share their historical and cultural stories with international travelers and locals alike. - May 06, 2010

AudioConexus Launches Tourism App for Museums, Galleries and Walking Tours Indoors and Out

AudioConexus launches a tourism App fully customizable for the iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone. Tourism Operators can include Google maps, custom maps, HTML, audio, video, text, slideshows, photos and more. Designed to help tourism organization reach new audiences, the tour application was developed for people using their own devices or for rental devices on-site. - April 12, 2010

AudioConexus Launches New Audio Tours at Dole Plantation’s Botanical Gardens

AudioConexus launches new audio tours for visitors to the newly revitalized Dole Plantation Gardens in Hawaii in English, Japanese and Korean. - March 31, 2010

AudioConexus and ToGuide Expand GPS Technology Reach to Tourism Operators in Portugal and Spain

Strategic Partnership Agreement promotes GPS guided tour entertainment for tourism operators using mobile GPS technology that provides better tours and breaks down language barriers for travelers in Portugal and Spain - September 21, 2009

Gray Line San Diego and AudioConexus Provide Passengers with Fun, Entertaining GPS Guided Audio Tours

Gray Line San Diego launches two new GPS triggered audio tours for its San Diego City Tour and Baja Mexico Coastal Tour. Passengers are immersed in fun, entertaining, and educational stories told by professional narrators and actors. Stories are set against backdrops of music and sound effects providing travelers with high-quality cinematic sightseeing experiences. - July 23, 2009

Atlantis Adventures and AudioConexus Launch Underwater Adventure Audio Tours in Waikiki

Atlantis Adventures provides passengers with immersive audio tour experiences 100 feet below the sea off of Waikiki Beach, Hawaii. - July 06, 2009

Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad Launches First GPS Tour Train Experience in America Using AudioConexus Technology

Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad, an organization which operates an excursion train through the Cuyahoga Valley National Park in cooperation with the National Park Service, announces the first train in America to significantly enhance passenger experiences on its scenic tour routes with GPS triggered audio tours. Passengers are immersed in the stories, sights and sounds of Cuyahoga Valley’s natural and environmental history. - June 04, 2009

Gray Line Australia Captivates Its Audience with New GPS Audio Tours in Japanese and Mandarin

Gray Line Australia topples language barriers for international travelers by introducing advanced GPS triggered audio tour systems on its Great Ocean Road Tours in Melbourne, Victoria. - May 05, 2009

Uncle Sam Boat Tours Delivers GPS Tours for Foreign Language Visitors in the 1000 Islands

Uncle Sam Boat Tours, located in Alexandria Bay, today unveiled technologically advanced GPS audio tour (TriggerPOINT) systems on its vessels, providing unparalleled visitor experiences in multiple languages simultaneously. Utilizing satellite (GPS) technology, prerecorded audio commentary is triggered by GPS location and delivered to passengers using wireless receivers and headsets. - April 28, 2009

Bermuda Walking Tours and AudioConexus Revolutionize Tourism in Bermuda with GPS Walking Tours

Self-guided GPS multimedia walking tours provide tourists with significantly enhanced tourism experiences in the Town of St. George, Hamilton and Royal Navy Dockyard, Bermuda. - July 17, 2008

SAGPS Adventure Tours Launches Revolutionary GPS Guided Walking Tours in Historic St. Augustine

Self-guided GPS multimedia walking tours provide tourists with significantly enhanced tourism experiences in haunted St. Augustine, Florida. - June 26, 2008

Capital Cruises Launches Captivating GPS Audio Tours in 6 Languages in the Nation’s Capital

Capital Cruises Enhances Sightseeing Experiences and Removes Language Barriers for Foreign Language Travelers in Ottawa. - June 25, 2008

Gray Line West Victoria Captivates Its Audience with New Multilingual Audio Tours

Gray Line West Victoria introduces a new technologically advanced GPS audio tour system by AudioConexus in the Gray Line West Victoria Grand City Drive Tour. The new wireless systems is set to enhance the visitors’ experience by broadcasting fun, entertaining, and educational tours in... - June 12, 2008

AudioConexus Introduces Multi-Route Feature for Next Stop Messaging and Location Based Advertising

AudioConexus Inc. announced today a new Multi-Route feature for its GPS Audio and Video systems for buses, shuttle services, ferries, trolleys, trams, and boats operating in the tourism and mass-transportation industries. These comprehensive GPS systems feature the most cutting-edge innovations in... - February 09, 2008

AudioConexus and Hot Banana Partner to Increase Online Ticket Sales for Tourism Websites

AudioConexus Inc., an Audio Entertainment and Marketing Services organization providing multilingual GPS triggered audio tours for cruises, walking tours, and mass transit sightseeing, has partnered with Hot Banana Software Inc., a subsidiary of J.L. Halsey Corporation, to provide Content... - October 13, 2006

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