Grace Divine by Vinny DiGirolamo

Grace Divine presents new and fresh perspectives on the saving and enabling power of grace. Written primarily for Latter-day Saints, it carries with it a powerful message that the rest of the Christian world would also benefit by considering.

Grace Divine by Vinny DiGirolamo
Raleigh, NC, June 27, 2008 --( Celestine Publishing ( released its newest publication, Grace Divine by Latter-day Saint author Vinny DiGirolamo. This book presents new perspectives on the topic of grace and a principle-centered approach used to validate his novel insights and definitions.

“There are many books written on the topic of grace that center on Christ’s atonement as the ultimate act of grace, but there are very few books written more exclusively about grace itself, the gift of grace, how we are saved by it and what it truly is,” commented DiGirolamo.

Grace Divine substantiates the need for continued revelation, prophets in our day, and it associates grace to works, salvation, perfection, wisdom and many other topics; some of which are highly debated among Christian sects in a way not explored previous to this publication.

“Revelation is not only a key ingredient to grace,” says DiGirolamo, “personal revelation is essential to salvation or being saved.” He further asserts that “the Book of Revelations was never intended by the Apostle John to be the final dissertation from God to man.”

Grace Divine refutes academic reason which changes from time to time, in favor of spiritual experience to know something is true. DiGirolamo not only offers his views for your consideration, he substantiates them with personal experience. “The experiences I share in this publication are true, and though they are not meant to refute academic reason, they are intended to put those sources in their proper perspective and illustrate the need for God’s daily guidance on our path towards salvation.”

Latter-day Saints and other Christian denominations believe that men are saved by grace, and they will agree in some measure that grace is an unmerited gift from God or a gift that we receive from God and not by works; it is freely given. DiGirolamo starts with this as a beginning premise in a classroom discussion, and then leads his students to discover for themselves a new meaning of grace to consider.

This author’s treatise describes in clear terms what, how and why grace, or in this case, divine grace saves us. However, he forewarns his readers that “disbelief in continuing revelation alone, one of the enabling ingredients of grace, will undoubtedly limit your ability to objectively consider the views on grace that are presented in this book.”

Grace Divine introduces a principle-centered approach for researching and experimenting with scriptural topics of importance. As DiGirolamo leads you through the discussion with his class, you discover for yourself the importance of grace in many areas you may not have considered before. As an added touch, he includes pictures from his family album and other photos to personalize his publication and the message it fosters.

“If we are truly saved by grace, I think we should know a lot more about it than we do. Grace Divine is not just another book, it is a whole new way of thinking not yet presented in today’s literature.” He concludes, “all I ask the reader to do is consider what I say and the Lord give thee understanding,” see 2 Timothy 2:7. Grace Divine is now available online at

Vinny DiGirolamo is also author of On Common Ground: Bridging the Mormon Evangelical Divide, and the Principles with Promise series which are new principle-centered scriptural concordances for Latter-day Saints and other Christian denominations. Grace Divine also gives some additional insights on the information that is contained in his other publications that may be of interest to those who use or have read them. All of these publications are available through at

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