Win a Velvet Coues Hunt

Win a Velvet Coues Hunt

Darren Choate, Editor-In-Chief of Western Whitetail magazine is pleased to announce Western Whitetail’s “Velvet Coues Hunt Sweepstakes,” made possible by a partnership with A3 Trophy Hunts. To enter, simply subscribe to Western Whitetail Magazine for free. There is no purchase... - July 24, 2015 - Western Whitetail

Production and Sales of German Machinery Industry Will Remain Caught in Their Sideways Range in 2015 – New Quest Report

Production of the German machinery industry has been swinging up and down, showing neither an upward nor a downward trend, describing a trendless sideways movement since 2011 and so in 2015. - July 17, 2015 - Quest Trend Magazine

Enterprising Women Welcomes Three New Members to Advisory Board

Ellen Bailey Dickson, Sylvana Coche, and Sassa Akervall to Serve as Board Members for Women Business Owners’ Publication - July 08, 2015 - Enterprising Women

Crisis Indicator in German Machinery Industry Above Pre-Crisis Level for the First Time – New Quest Report

The new Quest report specifies the crisis indicator, analyzes its course since the world economic crisis and applies it for six company size classes. Its results are different as obvious suggestions. - July 02, 2015 - Quest Trend Magazine

The Dramatic Internationalization of Automobile Production – New Quest Report

The new report in Quest Trend Magazine proves how leading the carmakers have been internationalizing their production since the year 2000 and which level is currently achieved. - June 17, 2015 - Quest Trend Magazine

Apartment Boy Announces New Systems, New Houston Offices and New Managers

Apartment Boy Announces New Systems, New Houston Offices and New Managers

Apartment Boy is expanding. It has added new Houston Offices, New Managers in both Houston and Dallas-Fort Worth as well as revolutionary systems and technology that make it much easier for people hunting for apartments. - June 16, 2015 - Dillard Properties

Wood Pellet Exports from the US Increased for the 12th Consecutive Quarter in the 4Q/14

North American pellet exports were 22 percent higher in 2014 than in the previous year, according to the North American Wood Fiber Review. While US shipments have been on a steady rise for three years, Canadian export volumes trended downward during 2014. - June 13, 2015 - Wood Resources International LLC

Lumber Imports to China Were Close to Record High in April; Russia, Sweden and Finland Increased Shipments the Most

In April, the import volume of softwood lumber by China reached its second highest level on record as reported by the Wood Resource Quarterly. Importation during the first four months this year was 2.1 percent higher than in the same period last year, with Russian sawmills increasing their shipments by over 13 percent. Import prices in April were at their lowest level since 2012. - June 13, 2015 - Wood Resources International LLC

C.A.R.E. Appoints First Advisory Board Member

The Cooperative Association of Resort Exchangers (C.A.R.E.) Board of Directors recently appointed its first Advisory Board Member at the 60th Semi-Annual Conference in Annapolis, Maryland May 2-5, 2015. Paul Mattimoe, with Perspective Group out of Orlando, Florida was asked, and accepted, the first... - June 10, 2015 - Perspective Magazine

From Butte Publications, Inc, "It All Depends," Second Edition, and ASL Basics for Hearing Parents of Deaf Children Are Available at 20% Off for All of June

Every month, Butte Publications, Inc. features a new book. For the month of June, "It All Depends" is still offered at 20% off, in addition to a new title, ASL Basics for Hearing Parents of Deaf Children. It All Depends consists of five chapters: Communication Issues, Literacy... - June 06, 2015 - Butte Publications

Enterprising Women Inducts Dr. Patricia Greene Into Its Hall of Fame, Presents Legacy and Advocacy Awards to Women Leaders

Enterprising Women Magazine Recognizes Outstanding Academic, Nonprofit and Business Leaders at Annual Awards Event - May 20, 2015 - Enterprising Women

From Butte Publications, Inc. "It All Depends," Second Edition is Now Available & 20% Off for All of May

Every month, Butte Publications, Inc. features a new book. For the month of May, "It All Depends" is 20% off. This expanded casebook consists of five chapters: Communication Issues, Literacy Instruction, Content Instruction, Learner Differences, and Educational Planning. Each chapter... - May 15, 2015 - Butte Publications

West Coast Cigar & Spirits Tasting Event Returns to Newport Beach

Orange County Event Showcases the World’s Finest Cigars and Spirits - May 13, 2015 - Cigar & Spirits Magazine

Importation of Logs to China Jumped 76% in March with New Zealand and Australia Increasing Their Shipments the Most

Log arrivals to China surged in March with an increase of 76% over the previous month. This came after almost a year of declining log imports. New Zealand and Australia increased their volumes the most, together accounting for a record-high share of over 50% of the total import volume. Log import prices have trended downward since early 2014. - May 04, 2015 - Wood Resources International LLC

Luxury Publisher Releases Trillionaire Magazine, a Magazine for the 1%

An aspirational publication for millionaires and billionaires with exceptionally high standards, Trillionaire Magazine targets the 1% of affluent individuals in South Florida, Manhattan and The Hamptons. Through sophisticated editorial content, rich photography and strategic cross-marketing... - April 30, 2015 - Trillionaire Magazine

Softwood Lumber Prices Fell Towards the End of 2014 in the US, Japan and the Nordic Countries, While Import Prices to China Remained Unchanged from Earlier in the Year

Softwood lumber exports were 5-8% higher in Canada, Russia and the Nordic countries in 2014 compared to 2013, reports the Wood Resource Quarterly. Prices for lumber trended down over the course of the year, mainly because of the strengthening US dollar and weaker wood markets in Europe and Asia. - April 25, 2015 - Wood Resources International LLC

Sawlog Prices Declined in Many Countries During 2014 and the GSPI Price Index in the 4Q/14 Was at the Lowest Level in Two Years

For the third consecutive quarter, the GSPI price index fell in the 4Q/2014 to the lowest level in two years, reports the Wood Resource Quarterly. The biggest price declines the past year have occurred in Europe, Latin America and Oceania, while prices in North America have remained stable thanks to healthy domestic demand for lumber. - April 25, 2015 - Wood Resources International LLC

Wood Fiber Costs for Pulp Mills in the US Northwest Have Increased Faster Than in Other Regions of the Us the Past Year

Pulp mills in the US South continued to have stable wood fiber prices in the 1Q/15 at levels lower than any other region in the country. The dramatic increase in chip prices in the Northwest during 2014 started to level off early in 2015, while tight fiber supply in both the Lake State region and in the Northeast resulted in upward price pressure, reports the North American Wood Fiber Review. - April 25, 2015 - Wood Resources International LLC

The Second Edition of The Itinerant Teacher’s Handbook is Available in Butte Publications, Inc.’s 2015 Winter Catalog

Available from Butte Publications in the Inc. 2015 Winter Catalog, this second edition written for itinerant teachers working with the hard of hearing covers topics like the roles and responsibilities of the itinerant, personal and professional life balance, the audiological partnership, social development of preschool through high school age children, developing individualized programs (IEPs), assessments, and testing. - April 18, 2015 - Butte Publications

Baby Boomer Conference Series Featuring Health, Financial, and Relationship Wellness is Three Days Away

Boomers Lifestyle Network (BLN) will host its Your Life – Re-Created! Conference Series on Saturday, April 18, 2015 at the Jedco Conference Center 700 Churchill Parkway, Avondale, LA from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Your Life – Re-Created! is sponsored by BLN, Day Haven Adult Day Care, Edward... - April 16, 2015 - Boomers Lifestyle Network

Difficult Economic Outlook for German Machinery Industry - New Report in the Quest Trend Magazine

The new report on basis of the current numbers of the Federal Statistical Office put the outlook for the German machinery industry into the context with its worldwide export markets. - April 15, 2015 - Quest Trend Magazine

Perspective Group Highlights New Revenue-Building Services at ARDA Convention

Perspective Group, the leading independent media and digital marketing company for the vacation ownership industry, will promote two innovative new services to more than 3,000 industry professionals (Exhibit Booth No. 320) during the 2015 ARDA World Convention, April 12 – 16, at the Orlando... - April 10, 2015 - Perspective Magazine

Southern Gospel Magazine Will be Carrying the Top 20 Radio Airplay Charts Starting in May

Southern Gospel Magazine will be carrying the Top 20 Radio Airplay Charts starting in May. This chart will be supplied to Southern Gospel Magazine by Dave Raby who also does the Reviews of CDs for artists. This is a new phase for Southern Gospel Magazine that will be a wonderful opportunity for... - April 01, 2015 - Southern Gospel Magazine

You’re Invited to a Spring Bridal Event from Today's Bride

Today’s Bride Magazine & Shows will host a spectacular bridal show on April 17th - March 25, 2015 - Today's Bride Magazine & Shows

Exportation of Logs and Lumber from Russia Failed to Increase in the 4Q/14 Despite the Advantage of an Almost 50% Depreciated Rouble

The much-depreciated Russian rouble has given Russian exporters of logs and lumber a good opportunity to increase shipments of their products. However, softwood sawlog export volumes in the 4Q/14 were up only by 2-3% from the same quarter in 2013, while lumber exports declined over the same time period, reports the Wood Resource Quarterly. - March 13, 2015 - Wood Resources International LLC

Softwood Log Imports to China Slowed in the 4Q/14, But 2014 Was Still a Record Year with the Import Value Surpassing 5.4 Billion Dollars

China is the largest importer of logs in the world and although the log shipments to the country slowed in the 4Q of last year, import volumes hit a record high in 2014, reports the Wood Resource Quarterly. The import cost of softwood logs in the 4Q/14 was seven percent below the prices seen in the 4Q/13, with the costs for logs from New Zealand and the US having fallen the most. - March 04, 2015 - Wood Resources International LLC

Sawlog Prices Fell Throughout Much of North America Late in 2014 Because of Reduced Lumber Production and Slowing Log Exports to Asia

Lower lumber production and slowing log exports to Asia resulted in generally lower sawlog prices in both the US and Canada in the 3Q/14, according to the North American Wood Fiber Review. The biggest price declines were seen in the US South and in the Interior of British Columbia, where prices were down 3-10% from the 2Q/14. - March 04, 2015 - Wood Resources International LLC

Log Prices in Western US Fell in the 3Q Because Decreasing Log Exports to Asia

For many years, the sawlog market in Western US has been impacted by the demand for logs and lumber in Asia. With the constant increase in log exports, domestic sawlog prices have more than doubled over the past five years, reports the Wood Resource Quarterly. However, from the 1Q to 3Q in 2014, this upward trend was broken as log prices fell almost ten percent because of a weakening log export market. - February 16, 2015 - Wood Resources International LLC

Wood Pellet Exports from North America Reached a New Record High in the 3Q/14 Thanks to Higher Shipments to Asia

Asia has become a new market for wood pellet exporters in Western Canada with shipments having increased for six consecutive quarters, while Canadian exports to Europe have fallen substantially during 2014, reports the North American Wood Fiber Review. - February 16, 2015 - Wood Resources International LLC

Applaud Women Pub. Converts to Paid Subscribers–Subscribe for Gift of Exclusive Celebrity Interview

Over the past 1.5 years Applaud Women magazine has significantly increased the quantity and quality of its editorial content. To facilitate the conversion of readers from free content to a paid subscription, a subscription gift giveaway was created. - February 12, 2015 - Applaud Women LLC

20 Deals Have Been Announced as Winners for Trade Finance’s Deals of the Year Awards 2014 – to be Presented in Singapore in February

20 deals have been announced by Trade Finance as the winners of the Deals of the Year awards for 2014 for the Asia Pacific region. Winners for the rest of the world will be announced in the next two weeks and published in the March edition of Trade Finance’s monthly magazine. The 20 winners... - January 21, 2015 - Trade Finance

Top Apartments in the Houston Galleria Area

Vote for the top apartments in the Houston Galleria Area. - January 13, 2015 - Dillard Properties

The Standard Reference Book for Paper and Wood Packaging Technology "Cartons, Crates & Corrugated Board" Publishes New 2nd Edition Through DEStech Publications

The Standard Reference Book for Paper and Wood Packaging Technology "Cartons, Crates & Corrugated Board" Publishes New 2nd Edition Through DEStech Publications

DEStech Publications, Inc. announces the publication of the second edition of "Cartons, Crates, and Corrugated Board: Handbook of Paper and Wood Packaging Technology," by Diana Twede, Susan E. M. Selke, Donatien-Pascal Kamdem and David Shires. Used as a textbook worldwide, the first edition quickly became the standard reference for paper and wood packaging technology, the book has now been extensively revised and updated by a team formed by the original authors and two additional authors. - January 12, 2015 - DEStech Publications, Inc

Southern Gospel Magazine Has Added Jeff Davidson to the Staff as Sales Manager

Southern Gospel Magazine is honored to announce that Jeff Davidson has agreed to the offer of Sales Manager. Jeff Davidson comes with a diverse background in the Southern Gospel Music Industry. He has formed and sang with his own quartets, New Destiny and Highest Honor. He has also sang with such... - December 23, 2014 - Southern Gospel Magazine

Southern Gospel Magazine Has Made an Agreement with Jordans Shore, a Southern Gospel Trio to Handle All Their Marketing and Advertising

Jordan Shores is from Nashville, TN. The trio has been together approximately one year. Recently the group replaced the tenor singer with Angie Moore. Completing the trio is Jim Reynolds and Roger Speegle. Each of the three artists come with extensive backgrounds in Southern Gospel Music. The... - December 23, 2014 - Southern Gospel Magazine

The Wood Fiber Costs for the World’s Hardwood Pulp-Producing Mills Have Declined in 2014

Reduced pulpwood prices in Sweden, Russia, Brazil and Australia in the 3Q/14 resulted in the lowest Hardwood Fiber Price Index (HFPI) since 2009, according to the Wood Resource Quarterly. With mixed price trends for softwood fiber, the Softwood Fiber Price Index (SFPI) has been fairly stable the past two years. - December 20, 2014 - Wood Resources International LLC

Back9Network Announces the Addition of Cigar & Spirits Magazine Founder Lincoln Salazar

Beginning in December, 2014, Cigar & Spirits Magazine Chairman and Publisher Salazar Will Regularly Appear on Back9Network as Their New Lifestyle Ambassador - December 20, 2014 - Cigar & Spirits Magazine

Sawlog Prices Fell Worldwide in the 3Q with the Biggest Declines Seen in Europe

The Global Sawlog Price Index (GSPI), an index based on sawlog prices in 20 key regions around the world, fell 4.6% in the 3Q/14. The major factors for the reduced sawlog prices were the strengthening of the US dollar and weaker demand for lumber in some countries, according to the Wood Resource Quarterly. The biggest price declines occurred in Russia, Western Canada, Sweden and the Czech Republic. - December 18, 2014 - Wood Resources International LLC

Wood Pellet Exports from North America to Europe Plateaued During the 1H/2014 with Canadian Shipments Declining and Exports from the US South Continuing Upward

Pellet shipments from the US and Canada to Europe have gone in opposite directions in 2014, with the shipments from the US South being up ten percent from the 4Q/13 to the 2Q/14, and Canadian volumes declining 25% during the same period, according to the North American Wood Fiber Review. The new expanding markets for pellet producers in Western Canada have instead been Japan and South Korea. - December 18, 2014 - Wood Resources International LLC

Phantom of the Opera Couture

Tied in a Bow presents Phantom of the Opera as told through high-end editorial fashion. - December 17, 2014 - John Mathis Photography

Will Ukraine Drag America Into War with Russia?

New book provides exclusive insights into the current Ukrainian crisis, and identifies the unexpected causes of the conflict. - December 10, 2014 - Omnicom Press

Wood Fiber Consumption by the Japanese Pulp Industry Was Up Six Percent in First Half of 2014 with Hardwood Chip Supply from Vietnam and South Africa Increasing the Most

The pulp manufacturing industry in Japan has increased production levels in 2014 resulting in higher import volumes of both softwood and hardwood chips. The biggest increases in import volumes have been softwood chips from the US and hardwood chips from Vietnam and South Africa, reports Wood Resource Quarterly. Hardwood prices have trended downward the past year, while softwood prices have gone up. - December 09, 2014 - Wood Resources International LLC

Softwood Lumber Prices Have Trended Downward in the US, Russia and Japan This Fall, While They Have Gone Up in China and the Nordic Countries

Prices for softwood lumber imported to China increased this fall, while they fell in Japan as the housing market weakened. In the US, lumber prices were moving downward in the 3Q, while still being close to their highest levels in ten years, reports the Wood Resource Quarterly. In the Nordic countries and Russia, lumber exports have increased because of higher demand for wood in key markets in Europe and the MENA countries. - December 09, 2014 - Wood Resources International LLC

Equal Rights for All - a Kickstarter for Community

Equality Mag is an online community that promotes equal rights for all people. They recently launched their first website, but it was done out of love, not expertise. They need a professional redesign, and started a Kickstarter campaign to fund the project. - December 08, 2014 - Equality Mag

Latest Feedback of the German Machinery Industry on Industry 4.0 - New Report in the Quest Trend Magazine

Along the market survey from Quest TechnoMarketing about the engineering of the machine automation until 2017 the machine-builders also assessed “what Industry 4.0 is supposed to mean for the engineering of the machine until 2017.” - December 01, 2014 - Quest Trend Magazine

Enterprising Women Magazine Wins 2014 Stevie Award

Enterprising Women of the Year Awards Celebration Receives Recognition in Event of the Year Category. - November 26, 2014 - Enterprising Women

Applaud Women LLC Brings the Super Store Concept to the Magazine World in Time for the Holidays

Applaud Women LLC has always been about bringing it all. The new issue not only provides inspirational and informative reading for women around the world but the convenience of shopping and saving money right from its pages. - November 24, 2014 - Applaud Women LLC

The Role of Software Solutions as Competitive Advantage for the German Machinery Industry Reveals Quest Trend Magazine

The new report in Quest Trend Magazine reveals that software solutions as competitive advantage are playing a differentiated role for the machinery industry. The results are based on the new market study from Quest TechnoMarketing. - November 21, 2014 - Quest Trend Magazine

2015 Perspective Magazine Awards Opens for Nominations

The fifth annual Perspective Magazine Awards program has officially launched, offering opportunities for vacation ownership companies and individuals to win one or more of the 35 accolades available in the 2015 program. Perspective Magazine is the leading independent trade publication globally for... - November 15, 2014 - Perspective Magazine

Mark Brokering Joins LID Publishing as Associate Publisher

LID Publishing is expanding its editorial capability in North America by opening an office on the West Coast and incorporating Mark Brokering as Associate Publisher. Based in San Francisco, Brokering will work closely with LID Publishing’s main US office in New York headed by Martin Liu as... - November 08, 2014 - LID Publishing Inc.

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