PaintMosaic by Kaamar: Upgrade of Online Mosaic Tile Design Software

New version of PaintMosaic software allows online mosaic design directly in the browser. - March 21, 2022 - Kaamar Ltd

LUCARIS Opens Up a New World of Luxury Supplying Four of the Best Fine Dining Restaurants in Bangkok with Its World-Acclaimed Brand of Pristine Crystal Glasses

LUCARIS opens up a new world of luxury supplying four of the best fine dining restaurants in Bangkok with its world-acclaimed brand of pristine crystal glasses, in the THE TASTE WITH STYLE campaign. In this coming year, LUCARIS is going to take 2018 on a journey to specially nominated bars and restaurants that have chosen LUCARIS crystal glasses in Shanghai, China, and Delhi, India. - December 25, 2017 - LUCARIS

AGC EN-A1 Alkali Free Boro-Aluminosilicate Glad Bow Available from Abrisa Technologies

Abrisa Technologies is pleased to announce that it can now supply Asahi Glass Corporation (AGC) EN-A1 Alkali Free Boro-Aluminosilicate glass for applications such as sensitive bio-photo detection, high throughput sensors, image sensor windows, biosensors, enhancement glass for thin displays, cover... - August 04, 2017 - Abrisa Technologies

LUCARIS Introduced Aerlumer® - the Signature of Wine Glass Innovation First in Mumbai

LUCARIS Introduced Aerlumer® - the Signature of Wine Glass Innovation First in Mumbai

Good wine must be served in a good glass. A quality glass should also accentuate the wine’s aroma or bouquet, a point that leads on to the harmonious relationship between anatomies. - May 02, 2017 - LUCARIS

PaintMosaic by Kaamar: New Online Mosaic Tile Design Software

Kaamar today launched PaintMosaic, their online design software for mosaics and mosaic mirrors. - December 25, 2015 - Kaamar Ltd

Kaamar Launch Satin Range of Colourful Mosaic Mirrors

Family firm Kaamar, online supplier of custom mosaic pictures, today launched their new Satin Mosaic Mirror range of small mirrors with contemporary tile patterns in a selection of colour schemes for interior design. - December 10, 2015 - Kaamar Ltd

Cospheric Launches CosphericNano, Specializing in Precision Silica Nanospheres

Cospheric Launches CosphericNano, Specializing in Precision Silica Nanospheres

In an effort to provide customers in the nanotechnology industry with specialty nanomaterials, Cospheric LLC has added a selection of highly precise and spherical monodisperse silica nanospheres to their broad product line and launched CosphericNano – a website dedicated exclusively to... - September 03, 2014 - Cospheric LLC

Density Marker Beads Kit Now Available from Cospheric LLC

Density Marker Beads Kit Now Available from Cospheric LLC

A new line of density marker beads now offers six different densities including 1.02 g/cc (fluorescent green), 1.04g/cc (fluorescent orange), 1.06g/cc (fluorescent violet), 1.08 g/cc (dark blue), 1.09 g/cc (fluorescent red), and 1.13g/cc (fluorescent blue). Cospheric DMB Density Marker Beads are now provided at a 20% concentration in an aqueous solution in 2.5ml vials. - December 07, 2013 - Cospheric LLC

Tses Glass Signs with BDF Industries for a 250 tpd Furnace Capacity for Its Container Glass Plant in Tses, Namibia

Tses Glass has also appointed BDF Industries to develop and build its 25 MW Eolic Power Plant in Tses to power its furnaces. - October 19, 2013 - Tses Glass (Pty) Ltd

Tses Glass Appoints Local Suppliers for Its Industrial Water, Raw Materials, and Fuel

Namibia-based Tses Glass has selected and appointed the local suppliers for its needed industrial water, raw materials, and fuel for feeding and powering its four different glass manufacturing factories of float, container, tableware, and ultrathin in Tses, Namibia, whose construction starts in May 2014. - September 16, 2013 - Tses Glass (Pty) Ltd

Tses Village Council Receives N$17.9 Million in Government Funding for Infrastructure Development

To facilitate a better climate in order for Tses Village Council to meet its economic development need, the Namibian Government through the Targeted Intervention Program for Employment and Economic Growth (TIPEEG) has given N$17.9 million to Tses Village Council for the development of the needed infrastructure to accommodate the development of Tses Glass and its industrial anchor projects. - September 07, 2013 - Tses Glass (Pty) Ltd

Tses Glass Receives LOI to Supply Namibia Breweries Limited with Quality Glass Products

Tses Glass (Pty) Ltd, the premier glass manufacturing company in Namibia, today has received a Letter of Intent (LOI) to supply Namibia’s largest brewer, Namibia Breweries Limited (NBL), with world's class glass products at a competitive market price. Tses Glass has also received an interest... - August 30, 2013 - Tses Glass (Pty) Ltd

Tses Glass to Build a Natural Gas Pipeline from Luderitz to Tses, Namibia

Tses Glass has selected the Germany-based company, ThyssenKrupp Uhde, for the development, engineering, and construction of the Tses Glass Gas Pipeline, a 336 kilometer pipeline from Luderitz to Tses, Namibia in order to safely transport its needed natural gas from Luderitz to Tses, Namibia. - August 16, 2013 - Tses Glass (Pty) Ltd

Tses Glass Invites Suppliers of Natural Gas, Industrial Water, and Light Diesel Oil for Its Glass Manufacturing Plants in Tses, Namibia

The total needed amount of Natural Gas is 63,948,000 Nm3 per year, and the needed amount of industrial water is 70 m3 per hour with 400 m3 per hour in case of emergency. Tses Glass also requires LDO or LPG for the heating of its furnaces as a backup in case of emergency. - August 06, 2013 - Tses Glass (Pty) Ltd

Tses Glass Courts European and Asian Companies for Its New 350tpd Glass Tableware Plant in Tses, Namibia

In July 2013, Tses Glass signed with Heye International GmbH as an EP for its 250tpd Container Glass and with ghs|glass gmbh as an EP for its 600tpd Float Glass. The development of Tses Glass expects to create more than 230,000 new direct and indirect better paying job opportunities in Tses and throughout Namibia which is in line with the fast realization of Namibia's Vision 2030. - August 04, 2013 - Tses Glass (Pty) Ltd

Tses Glass Signs with Heye International for Its New 250 tpd Container Glass Plant in Tses, Namibia

The development of Tses Glass expects to create more than 230,000 new direct and indirect better paying job opportunities in Tses and throughout Namibia. Tses Glass was officially launched by Hon. David Boois, Berseba Constituency Councilor, on February 6, 2013 in Tses with more than 500 people in attendance. - July 06, 2013 - Tses Glass (Pty) Ltd

Tses Glass Appoints Germany-Based ghs|glass Gmbh as the EPCM for Its World's Largest Dynamic Glass Manufacturing Plant in Namibia

ghs|glass gmbh, which is specialized in planning, construction and commissioning of large scale glass factories, will work as the leading Technical Consultant for Tses Glass in tangent with South Africa-based IBP Construction Consultants (Pty) Ltd, as well as Germany based Siemens AG, and France-based BNP Paribas, for the development and providing elaborate services ranging from conducting a bankable feasibility study, technical concept, system design, engineering, and market study. - September 23, 2012 - Tses Glass (Pty) Ltd

Tses Village Council Appoints Winplan Town and Regional Planning Consultants for the Re-Planning of the Village of Tses

Tses is due to experience rapid growth due to the recently announced development of Tses Glass in Tses which is estimated to effect a creation of more than 47,000 direct jobs in Tses alone, with more than 230,000 indirect job opportunities throughout Namibia. - September 15, 2012 - Tses Glass (Pty) Ltd

Yew Tree Glass at Hereford Cathedral Gift Shop

Yew Tree Glass are gearing up for Christmas and their handmade stained glass is now available from Hereford Cathedral Gift Shop. - November 16, 2011 - Yew Tree Glass

Yew Tree Glass Launches Website Promoting Handmade Stained Glass Gifts and Commissions

Yew Tree Glass produces hand made stained glass gifts using their own designs. Including suncatchers, figures, roundels, stained glass animals and birds. Specialising in Stained glass art and design. A new website has been launched at - August 14, 2011 - Yew Tree Glass

Blue and Red Density Marker Beads Now Available from Cospheric LLC

Cospheric LLC, a microsphere manufacturing and distributing company, recently launched a line of density marker beads in particle size ranges from 10 micron to 600 micron in diameter. Two microsphere product lines having densities of 1.065 g/cc and 1.075 g/cc are currently in stock and ready for... - January 15, 2011 - Cospheric LLC

Addison Glass & Mirror is Celebrating 30 Years

Addison Glass & Mirror is looking forward to Celebrating 30 Years serving the D/FW metroplex. They've had some ups and downs lately. Had some layoffs and other struggles but keep looking forward. They have been getting customers their glass and mirror products faster than ever. The new schedule of taking orders during regular business hours and cutting the product at night really speeds up the process. It keeps them busy and their customers happy. They can be contacted by phone, fax or email. - August 14, 2009 - Addison Glass & Mirror

Guardian CTO Scott Thomsen Featured on Current Episode of Popular TV Show "Designing Spaces"

Segment highlights innovative technology used for ShowerGuard - October 30, 2007 - Guardian Industries

Guardian Introduces ShowerGuard® UltraWhite™ Glass for Custom Shower Enclosures

Unique Sealed Glass Surface Resists Corrosion, Maintains Beauty - October 29, 2007 - Guardian Industries

Guardian Launches New SunGuard® Website Part of New Architectural Glass Program Coming in September

Guardian has launched a new comprehensive website -- -- devoted exclusively to SunGuard®, the company’s growing brand of advanced architectural glass products. - August 24, 2007 - Guardian Industries

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