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Full Scale Media Group LLC
Full Scale Media Group LLC

Media Placement Campaigns

We have collectively pitched, booked, coordinated, co-produced and overseen countless media appearances for clients over the past ten years. Our ability to predict what journalists will want to write or speak about in broadcast, print and online mediums has enabled us to cultivate an impressive stable of media placements and case studies. Media placement and publicity campaigns include ongoing PR campaigns as well as press tours for the promotion of a specific product or service launch.

Social Media Marketing

Consulting, Advertising, Strategic Planning, Promotion.
Through continued research and practice, Full Scale Media has put together a comprehensive social media package which can be incorporated into our clients’ public relations campaigns.
Full Scale offers a la carte social media promotional campaigns that tie into our traditional public relations services. Options include Facebook and Twitter, as well as more extensive social media campaigns that include additional platforms such as: Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Stumble Upon, YouTube content creation and promotion, Yelp!, and iTunes podcast production.
Other digital media marketing strategies include keyword placement, article composition and distribution, optimized press release distribution, blog content, and ongoing consultation.
Our methods are instrumental in growing your social media presence and influence, organically, and while maintaining quality targeted followers.

Reputation Management/Image Refinement

Along with the wealth of opportunity that the Internet and social media provide, the unprecedented freedom of expression combined with a lack of regulation can make your company’s brand vulnerable to libelous online comments and reviews. Through various public relations techniques we can assure that your brand's online presence will reflect its true integrity, and that its valuable reputation will be preserved. We also manage how our clients are perceived by the public through message strategy and communication.

Ghostwriting Services

In addition to our press release writing services and providing written content for our clients' press kits, Full Scale Media has created a ghostwriting division to service individuals, companies and organizations that require promotional and artistic writing services. We ghostwrite for clients in multiple industries, including but not limited to: consumer goods, health, advertising, apparel, accessories, legal, tech, automotive, and entertainment.

Strategic Alliances

From celebrities and industry tastemakers to non-profit organizations and events… we know when, where and how to align your brand with complimentary and newsworthy people, causes, and events that make news.

Television Development

Television is one of the most effective ways to relay brand message, to sell products and services, and for establishing a loyal fan base of which to market to, directly. As our world has become more “television-centric” through the accessibility of flip and telephone cameras, home video production, and platforms like YouTube, the bar has been raised in how people present their brand to the marketplace and to media outlets. Clients may offer a personality-type, an image, or a career that suits today’s current non-scripted television market, and we help them to present their reality-based concept to television production companies and television networks. We know how to angle your story, edit your video footage and bring it to market from New York and Los Angeles.

Public Relations Consulting

Before a public relations plan can be put into action, a strategy must be set forth. We never go to battle without our creative armor. Taking on the task of telling your story to the media, to your industry, and to the public is a great responsibility. It's one that we don't take lightly.

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Full Scale Media Group LLC

Formerly Allison Dawn PR, Full Scale Media boasts the combined expertise and media relationships accrued from nearly two decades of combined public relations, social media and brand development experience. Our triumphs have been significant across all media platforms.

The Full Scale Media team has refined an integrative approach to placing brands and personalities into the media fold. We understand that pooling our collective resources, outside-the-box thinking, and unending creativity are the keys to your success.