National Security: One Community At A Time

CRA, Inc. is exclusively dedicated to providing homeland security consultation services to Federal, State, local governments, key private industries, and critical infrastructures. We are exceptionally capable in terrorism prevention and response and emergency management.

CRA’s Chairman of the Board, Major General Bruce Lawlor (Army ret.) has guided CRA to a lead position in supporting Federal, State, municipal, local and tribal government counterterrorism elements. As former Secretary Tom Ridge’s Chief of Staff when the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (USDHS) was created, Gen. Lawlor helped create the nation’s counterterrorism strategies, policies and plans. He continues to have a daily interface with senior officials at the Federal, State, and local levels who are helping our nation raise its capabilities to prevent and respond to terrorism.

Under Gen. Lawlor’s leadership, CRA has become preeminent among the private sector firms providing terrorism prevention assistance to State, municipal, local and tribal governments. For example, CRA-USA helped the DHS develop a terrorism prevention strategy it is now implementing. CRA is helping DHS support the field by facilitating fusion process workshops and providing consultation on terrorism prevention to State and municipal law enforcement agencies.

The Core of the Prevention Strategy

The DHS terrorism prevention strategy places analytic capabilities at its core. In its simplest form the strategy advocates making communities (residents, law enforcement entities, emergency response elements, other local government agencies, and the private sector) aware of the terrorism threat. Awareness sponsors the reporting of suspicious persons and events. But to exploit that reporting there must be well trained analysts to aid law enforcement investigators in following up such reporting. Those expert analysts then merge the results with other local information and with shared reporting from other locales and the federal government. Without analysts to process such information – and where appropriate, to “connect the dots” – and also to share the reporting horizontally and vertically, the strategy fails.
To help State and local law enforcement agencies fill this need, CRA has world-class threat analysts and equally qualified intelligence and law enforcement operatives experienced in working against highly compartmented clandestine cells. These experts train and support analysts working State and local law enforcement entities.

The Record

CRA is the foremost contractor to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Office of Grants and Training (USDHS/G&T) for the provision of exercise planning, support and implementation, and terrorism threat mitigation consultation to State, municipal, local, and tribal governments.


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