Yu Hwang Wu Korean language Academy

Yu Hwang Wu Korean language Academy
Yu Hwang Wu  Korean language Academy

The representative of Yu Hwang Wu Korean language classroom introduces the secret method for examinees in need of ‘super short-term strategy’ to improve essay grade and the essay preparation training method for students in need of long-term strategy



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Yu Hwang Wu  Korean language Academy

Famous Korean language lecturer that has achieved a lot in his past years. Since that time, Mr Yu has gained many credentials that has boosted his image as a Korean language lecturer.
September 17, 1966 South Korea in Busan three sons and a daughters thirdly born.
Busan, in 1979 graduated from elementary school into the Seongseo, Busan Seongdong middle school, graduated from Baejeong high school.
1993 'modern Seoul area of trade name linguistic research conducted' master's degree Kookmin University Graduate School of Education, the Korean Language Education graduated.
He said instead of choosing a school teacher, to the extent of their abilities. They can choose the academy instructor.
2007 South Korea and major portal sites and news organizations portrait Registered in the Republic of Korea's most famous language and discourse instructors.
2006, South Korea, Seoul and Gyeonggi areas' discourse discussions on the plaza ' TV Easily the most exciting progress on the principle of teaching many students remain long Help them.
In addition, on June 15, 2007 Korea University in Seoul consider social education a graduate of the academy training course specialist academies for more information and education.
Quick movement on foot through personalized education system was introduced.
South Korea portal site Typing '유황우' enter the Public character information, The News, writing materials related professionals can be found.
Yu Hwang Wu Korean language classroom