Garage Sales for Charity

Garage Sales for Charity

Garage Sales for Charity is a resourse to provide information and promotion to individuals having a garage or yard sale, who would like to raise funds for their favortie charity.

It is garage sale season and we all have too much stuff! The concept behind Garage Sales for Charity is very simple. Individuals who have garage sales this summer commit to donating a portion of their sales to their favorite charity. The goal is to raise $50,000,000 nationwide for charity over the next 4-5 months. We are here to act as a central source of information, ideas and promotion under a common name. Think of Garage Sales for like a franchise--1,000,000 garage sales owned and operated independently under the umbrella of Garage Sales for

What happens to the money you make from a garage sale? Pay the bills, paint the living room, deposit it in the bank, go out to dinner? Usually a couple weeks after the sale you're asking "where did the money from the garage sale go?" Now is your chance to make a difference by donating a portion of your sales to your favorite charity. This is a fun grass roots way to help raise funds for charities. It is a Win-Win for all!

If you are planning to have a garage sale anyway, why not join with others nationwide in promoting a common good. You are not taking anything away from charities that may have their own garage sale fundraisers and any charity will welcome your donation.

A few things you should know first.

None of the money donated comes through Garage Sales for Charity. YOU donate to the charity of your choice. We never handle a penny of donated funds. We do not accept any funds on behalf of any charity or organization. You are free to donate to any charity, we make no suggestions or tell you where you should donate. We are not affiliated with any charity or organization. I can't stress this enough the choice about how much to donate and to who is entirely up to you.

There are no ulterior motives or agendas to promote. There are no million dollar budgets behind this, no expensive tv commercials, no celebrity endorsements. We are not affiliated with any organization, charity or political group. This is grassroots, one garage sale at a time, way to raise funds for charities. The potential to generate millions of dollars for charities is huge. Check out the numbers here: Money they may have never seen during the months they may need it the most. One person, one garage sale, can make a difference.

We would like to keep a running total of amounts donated and the organization donated to. You do not have to list your name or address. We will not rent, sell or give away any personal information you provide to us.

Here is how it works:

Have a garage, yard or flea market sale. Clean out your excess stuff, simplify your life and help your favorite charity. No time for a garage sale? Or you just don't want to bother? Then just contribute to your favorite charity with a notation on your donation about Garage Sales for

Make a commitment to donate a minimum of $50 or 10% of your sale proceeds to your favorite charity. It can be any local charity, food shelf, church program, national charity etc. Where ever you feel it will do the most good. The choice is entirely up to you.

After the sale, send your donation to the charity of your choice, make a notation on your donation about Garage Sales for to make them aware how the idea came about. You can do this by putting our web address in the memo area of your check or by including one of our flyers with your donation you will promote Garage Sales for to the charities themselves who will make others aware.

Send an email to us noting which charity you gave to so we can keep a running nationwide list of all charities helped and the amount you donated so we can keep a running total towards our goal.

Thats it! How do we reach our goal? Lets keep the math simple- 1,000,000 garage sales x $50 each = $50,000,000! Even 100,000 garage sales at $50 is $5,000,000 for charity!

It is easy to contribute at the end of the year when you need a tax deduction or around the holidays but many charities need help the most during the slow summer months when donations are down. This is a great fun way to help.

Here is how you can help promote Garage Sales for

* Put one of our banners on your website. Link to us. Go to
* Mention Garage Sales for in your blog.
* Charities can add our web address to all their fundraising materials
* Mention Garage Sales for in your emails to friend and relatives. NO SPAM please!
* Print out our flyer and other printed materials to have on hand at your garage sale, pass them out to others having garage sales, pass them out at flea markets, PASS THE WORD! Print out and leave a stack at your church, charities can print them and pass them out or include them in mailings. Post them at your favorite coffee shop. Give them to strangers! Put them on your company bulletin board or in your company lunchroom.
* Add our website to your garage sale signs. Print it in your company newsletters. Post it on bulletin boards. List it in your church bulletin.
* We really need to get the word out. Please submit ideas that you are using so others can use them too.
* Place an ad in your local paper under garage sales with our website address or include our website address in your garage sale listing.

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