Happy Eye Productions

Happy Eye Productions


We aim to provide services in video production and film-making to international clients looking for western production companies in Asia.

We take care of:
Video- and Film-Production,
Editing, Graphic Design,
Talent Scouting, Modelling, Compcards,
Hairstyling and make-up services,

Private Company
# Employees

Company History

Happy Eye Productions has been created to fill a large demand for European skills and services in the film and television industry not available to western clients.

After starting out producing promo's, corporate videos, action races, events, and wedding videos, Ms Aakernes started her own company in May 2005.
Now involved in production of a feature film called "Count To Ten" which is a collaboration with Ocean Vista Films and Shapeshifters Ltd in Hong Kong.
This movie is aimed for an American audience. Web page: counttotenmovie.com