XTREME Performance

XTREME Performance

XTREME Performance Inc. designs and develops innovative, safe, natural performance enhancing nutritional products for serious competitive athletes and anyone who places a priority on staying physically active.

We began developing our product formulas in 1993. Our goal is to offer a complete line of products to help everyone from youth sports to amateur athletes, and weekend warriors to the pros. Our current line includes seven products. We expect to introduce nine more in 2005 and five others are under development.

XTREME Performance uses only the highest quality ingredients and safety standards to provide an aggressive performance-enhancing system of nutritional supplements that delivers maximum results.

We design our products for all body sizes using variable weight adaptive formulas that eliminate waste and maximize absorption for the ultimate in nutritional benefits.

Our cellular-balanced product line safely increases lean muscle mass, strength and mental concentration, while decreasing body fat and enhancing endurance, all without toxicity build-up or water retention.


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