True fleet management goes well beyond just mapping or GPS tracking of your vehicles. It's about delivering practical, up-to-the-minute information about your mobile workforce's activity that you can use to become more profitable and productive.
Navtrak understands this, which is why our approach to fleet management is refreshingly different. Our fleet tracking software is a powerful and flexible management tool that helps you to better understand and manage your field operations on a day-to-day, real-time basis. Fleet tracking is only the beginning - Navtrak offers a suite of productivity-enhancing solutions for your most common fleet management challenges.

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In GPS tracking, you hear plenty of talk about systems, solutions and technology. 35 years of experience with my own fleet has taught me that this stuff ends up sitting on a shelf if the company behind it isn't committed to my success over the long haul. That's why Navtrak was designed to provide a GPS tracking service - not to sell a commodity.

We've got thousands of customers across the country who can't imagine doing business without us - among them is our very first customer. I'm proud of that, and think it says something about how we do business.