Save the Girls Touch Screen Purses

Save the Girls Touch Screen Purses

Save the Girls is a touch screen purse company dedicated to providing quality cell phone purses for the connected world. Features include a specialized back side where customers can text, call, use social media, right through their purse. The purses come in various styles with a selection of over 50 color combinations and purse designs currently available.

Save the Girls was founded because of the owners 5 children having many smartphone mishaps from phones falling in the toilet, to losing them. Each year the founders family would have issues from 1 to 2 phones. The crossbody, stylish purse means consumers no longer worry about dropping their phone in the toilet because they left it in their jeans, or leaving it at a ball game or where ever else they visit. It adds new security to the phone and provides convenience and protection to the smartphone.

The name Save the Girls is a tongue in check reference to women needing to use their bra's as cell phone pockets because there isn't another option for them to safely, securely place their phones.

Visit the website at or Save the Girls facebook page at savethegirlsSTG

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