Artist, singer songwriter, and cinematographer, Ananda Moorman, is showing his work at The Mint Gallery. Ananda, native to the San Diego coastal community is an accomplished cinematographer as well as a photographer. His keen sense of vision and stunning images are reflected in the various projects he has done. From the Pearl Jam video, “Life Wasted”, (which was nominated for a VMA) to winning the best experimental short at the New York film festival, his unique vision has caught the eye of many artists such as Chris Cornell, former lead singer of Sound Garden and Audio Slave and world famous-skater, Danny Way. Ananda worked as the directing cinematographer on the video for “ No Such thing as Nothing” for Cornell last year and also filmed the DC Video for DC shoes. Other videos Ananda directed include Jake Brown’s “Go Big, Shoes off Lights Out”, featuring Travis Barker and Unwritten Law’s, “Should have known better”. His surfing and skating cinematography credits include Taylor Knox’s documentary, “Medication”, a commercial for skateboarding company Plan B. He also was a director of the award winning,” I am Danny Way Documentary”.

Ananda’s artwork/photos have also been featured in the “Live at the Gorge” 3 CD box set from Pearl Jam. Some of those photos along with seven others will be featured in the art show. The photographs, large scale, and 16mm still framed images; vary from pictures of the bassist from Pearl Jam to a lonely picture of Danny Way on his ramp.

To view and current and previous projects, please click on the below links:

Gallery info- The Mint 949 366.6777, www.bythemint.com
Myspace: www.myspace.com/escaleramusic
For additional information or to discuss opportunities or purchases please contact gallery director, Alexandra Towers 949.228.0949


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