Rooster Farms

Rooster Farms

Rooster Farms is small permaculture farm & coffee roastery cross-pollinated with science and art.

Located in South Kona, on the Big Island of Hawai'i, Rooster Farms roasts fresh coffee almost daily, as well processes their intercropped turmeric and taro. Being farmers as well, they are a roastery who also understands the quality of beans and of our food from an agricultural and scientific perspective.

The tiny collaborative husband and wife team also does research and development of scientific advance alongside the creation of contemporary art.

Rooster Farms is one of few farms in the U.S. working with a permaculture system, growing coffee with turmeric and other crops in harmony. They are the oldest certified organic farm in Hawaii. They are a micro coffee roastery, which helps support their STEAM-oriented work.

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