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Did you know that some of the most innovative and diversified Pop/Rock/HipHop artists are located right here In the heart of NYC? The problem is they don’t have a creative outlet to showcase and nurture their talent to help build their brand into global status.

At Toni Seawright Music & Entertainment, Inc. our goal is to provide a system for these artists to build their fanbase through marketing campaigns and via social media platforms. We will also help develop these artists into triple threat global brands through vocal and acting coaching, career coaching, professional access to industry personnel, thus, assisting these artists with their music production/development, visual and performing arts, tv/film production and product merchandising.

Our roster consists of artists who have performed on American Idol, Netflix, Showtime, Fox, and festivals including the AfroPunk Stages.

I’d love to tell you more about it, as we’re looking to partner with someone to help make TSME a "One Stop Shop to the Best in Entertainment".

Our Value Proposition consists of:

1.) Image Consultant

2.) Vocal Coaching

3.) Acting Coaching

4.). Life/Career Coaching

5.) Access to top of the line Professional Photography

6.) Access to top of the line Professional Agents

7.) Step by Step Goal Preparation Assistance

When it comes to a company such as this, the proven track record that I have is that I, myself, am a former Miss Mississippi with over 30 years of experience as a performer and manager of my own sons who are working artists in the business. I am hungry for the success of my company, and I will work twice as hard as someone who has already had the success I'm looking for. My 100% dedication comes from many aspects of my career. Nonetheless, my completion of my Master of Science Degree in Entertainment Business from Full Sail University shows that I finish what I start. I know that there will be copy cats, but by the time they try to copy what I'm doing, I will have moved on to the next level. Healthy competition actually motivates me. Moreover, I value the level of artistry, dedication and commitment that my team, as a whole, has and this is what will make Toni Seawright Music & Entertainment, a preferred standard in choosing a company like ours for your One Stop Shop for the Best in Entertainment. Toni Seawright Music & Entertainment, Inc., is a New York City-based company that provides entertainment from some of the best artist in the tri-state area.

*****Toni Seawright Music & Entertainment is your one stop shop for the best in music and entertainment. The company, itself, is a management and production company that focuses on bringing you the best in music through streaming and online platform sales via major online digital and streaming services. Our company consists of an array of multifaceted group of performing artists that will be nurtured according to their perspective talents, where our goal is to land each artist with lucrative 360 deals for acting, singing, dancing, performing, music, writing and any other form of entertainment. Toni Seawright Music & Entertainment, Inc., showcases artists in their best light, and gives these wonderful artists an outlet to be the best in entertainment. In addition, os a NYS Lic. Realtor, Toni Seawright and TSME also consults real estate and real estate investment opportunities to buyers and offer consultation to homeowners who may be in the process of losing their home.

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Toni  Seawright

Toni Seawright Music & Entertainment came about because of my sheer passion for music and the arts and because my sons love to perform as well. I came up with the idea for my business when my son, Qaasim Middleton, did his stint on American Idol. I assisted him, as a manager, helping him to hone in on his skills as a performer, as well as handling the music, and making sure his wardrobe was on point. He did extremely well and finished 8th on American Idol that year (2015). It was, indeed, a year long journey for us as a family and him as an artist. Nonetheless, I am also a professional singer/songwriter/performer and an AUDELCO Award winning actor. The idea was to form a business that would represent some of the hottest performers in NYC and, thus, helm as your One Stop Shop to the Best in Entertainment. We are not only a management company but also a production company as well. We are helping artists with their dreams as well as producing music and tv/film to bring to the forefront on Planet Brooklyn. We also represent Brooklyn's own Juggernaut War Party-two time winners of AfroPunks Battle of the Band, led by Qaasim and his awesome brother, Khalil, and their genre of FunkRock/Hip/Hop/Soul/Alternative Jazz/Blues & Country is a GUMBO of wonderment with a goal of bringing Fun back to Hip Hop. My goal is to help all of their dreams come to fruition and bring fun back to hip hop, get guns off the streets and garner support from area businesses. I’m a chaplain to also assist with helping others in need; Music is the forefront of healing when it comes to my company, and, thus, we are making positive waves with music and entertainment to help accomplish all of these goals.