Avaids Technovators Pvt. Ltd.

Avaids Technovators Pvt. Ltd.

Air accidents cause immense loss to human life and property. History is witness to innumerable air disasters. Accidents can be avoided by small precautions. Amongst various measures, visual aids are of immense importance in creating a safer sky. Tall, man made structures and other geographical obstructions pose threat to airplanes in poor visibility. Low flying aircraft's, in spite of the modern navigational facilities on board, need prominent obstruction markings in their flight paths. These markings should be loud and clear to attract the pilot's attention.

Obstruction marking guidelines are clearly specified by world bodies like I.C.A.O and F.A.A and these are adopted by the regulatory authorities connected with flight operations the world over. TECHNOVATORS, a company dedicated to make "Sky safer to fly" has put in over 15 years in creating effective Obstruction Warning Lights through intensive research and active participation of Civil and Military Flight Safety institutions. With a humble beginning in their home country, TECHNOVATORS over the years have earned a reputation resulting in a larger user base, the world over. Today it is possibly amongst the few ISO - 9000 certified companies in the world making complete range of products relating to Obstruction Warning Lights, under one roof.

TECHNOVATORS have a special interest in Solar Powered Obstruction Warning Lights that can mark difficult locations, where carrying conventional power is not only difficult but impossible too. Special computer aided programs are deployed for designing life long, maintenance free solar powered Obstruction Warning Lights, that really work. TECHNOVATOR'S experience has matured over time and offers to its clients the total facility ranging from concept to erection & commissioning of Obstruction Warning Lights.

We are manufacturing following products -

Low Inensity Obstruction Warning Light [Model : LI-00]
Low Inensity Obstruction Warning Light [Model : LI-INTG]
Low Intensity Twin Obstruction Warning Light
Medium Intensity Obstruction Warning Light
Medium Intensity Twin Obstruction Warning Light
Solar Powered Obstruction Warning Lights
High Intensity Xenon Obstruction Warning Lights
Power Line Ball Markers


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