Factory Direct Drapes

Factory Direct Drapes

Factory Direct Drapes™, a custom drapery and curtain manufacturer, launches an interactive Virtual Room Designer and E-Commerce website, making ordering custom size drapery and curtains directly from the manufacturer, quick and easy.

Since 1954, Factory Direct Drapes™ has specialized in providing drapery and curtains that are well known for their high quality craftsmanship and long lasting durability. Before opening their doors to the public, they have supplied retailers, interior decorators, and home improvement centers for decades. Now, the public has the opportunity to order online directly from their factory and typically save 50-80% off standard retail prices.

Factory Direct Drapes’™ Virtual Room Designer has made ordering quicker and easier. Customers can pick one of the three rooms; the Family Room, Dining Room, and Bedroom. After choosing from the many styles of drapery and curtains available, their vast inventory of fabrics can be assessed in a variety of different décors. Customers even have the ability to match the décor to their own home by choosing from the most popular wall colors, flooring and furnishings on the market. With one simple click of the Buy Now button, customers can place their order online, which will typically ship to their home in a phenomenal 7-10 business days. This reduces the delivery time by more than 6 weeks when compared to ordering from large home improvement centers and retailers.

Factory Direct Drapes™ delivers prices, quality and variety that is unmatched, even by large discount retailers. All window coverings are proudly HAND MADE right here in America, so you can be assured you are getting the best quality available. With a wide variety of styles and fabrics to choose from, customers can create any style of décor from traditional to contemporary with ease and confidence that the products that will withstand the test of time.

Visit www.factorydirectdrapes.com today and see just how quick and easy ordering custom drapery and curtains is. From measuring, to deciding on décor and styles, to delivery right to your own home, Factory Direct Drapes™ delivers service do-it-yourselfers have been looking for.


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